Kage Toshimado: “Upholding the integrity and good faith in which the ANAL treaty was ratified on 9/18/2009, The Logistical Nightmare has declared war on those who have initiated hostility towards the TEARS Alliance!


“Wwwwaaaaaaaghh” indeed sir. As of today Suddenly Ninjas and the TEARS alliance have officially joined forces with longtime friends and cohorts The Logistical Nightmare with the ratification of the Allied Ninjas And Logistics treaty. As of now:

An attack on Suddenly Ninjas (the TEARS ALLIANCE) is an attack on The Logistical Nightmare.

Going forward, I think we can all enjoy a whole new level of lulz in the constant stream of fail-decs coming our way, and I for one, am psyched.



~ by Aiden Mourn on September 18, 2009.

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