Simple Equation

It’s such a funny split sometimes, Eve and Real Life. Predictably, more time spent in Eve tends to lend itself to much less time spent on RL responsibilities. And as my recent deficiency in Eve-time has shown, the reverse is also sadly true. After much thinking (read: drinking) I’ve come up with the following mathematically sound simple equation to illustrate:

Aiden’s Law:
Lots of work + no Eve time = sad face

Life’s been a little on the hectic side for the past month. I moved twice ( 1. Boston – New York City, 2. transitional shitty apt to sweet permanent residence), got a new job (I’m a music composer), and took on a bunch of independent clients (2 indie films and a rock band looking for string arrangements). Also I bar-tend 3 nights a week. The resulting death of free time has made logging in to Eve and harassing carebears a little tough =/ . The upside is more income than my bank account has seen, well, ever =) . So it’s all about the give and take I suppose.

In other news, many thanks to Crazy Kinux for the love. Finders & Keepers is now officially part of the Eve Blog Roll (next step, The Blog Pack! Also thanks to everyone who’s given feedback and support thus far for this blog; trust me, its been appreciated.

Looking to be back in-game as soon as my schedule evens out a little bit, but in the meantime, be sure to check back regularly for updates. You see, carebear tears fuel my ship, and as such, I’ve got a gigantic stockpile of whiny and hilarious chat-logs that I’ll be posting for your (and my) entertainment. Stick around gang.



~ by Aiden Mourn on October 3, 2009.

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