Orca Theft pt. 3: Tears. Lots of Tears.

I realized I never followed up with the outcome of the whole orca-windfall. I ended up selling the rigged Orca back to Jackal Lord, minus of course everything inside, for 1 billion isk, and oh were there tears. Lots of them. However,  instead of the usual head-shakingly misspelled, emo-raging bear-rant type tears that I love publicly mocking, these were just, well, sad. Sad like a kicked puppy sad (ex: “I am at your mercy” =/), and as such, I really just can’t bring myself to post them here. Losing over 2 billion isk because of your own foolishness is pretty hardcore (especially after the revelation that it wasn’t all his….ouch), so Jackal Lord, you’re off the hook compadre. Fly a little safer next time. Total haul came out to be a little less than the actual market/contract worth of the loot, but that said, I’m very happily 2.2 billion iskies richer at the moment and not exactly inclined to complain. If anyone is interested, I still do have a Gallente Navy Comet and a Centus X-type Armor Explosive Hardener for sale. Meanwhile, I’ve had my alt out daily searching for another orca…stay tuned.



~ by Aiden Mourn on October 23, 2009.

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  1. […] in the infancy of this blog, I documented this here, here and here way back in 2009, but as a quick round-up: I basically scanned down an Orca in a safe spot, […]

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