Aiden's Saturday Night Ninja Salvage and Mayhem Op

Ninja salvage-ops are sort of our version of doing corp mining events, only awesome and fun instead of totally lame. Basically it consists of a bunch of fun-loving criminals getting together en mass to crash, salvage, and loot as many missions in a system as possible. With dedicated scanners dropping bookmarks at a safe-spot and at least one neutral orca-alt giving fleet bonuses and acting as a loot collector, a salvage-op horde is a barely contained force of ninja-reckoning for any mission runner. Barbarians at the gates, Genghis himself in a salvage-Vigil, 6 yr olds let loose in a toy store during Christmas season.

Sadly as of late, our usual weekly salvage ops have been put on the back-burner with the resignation of our Director of Salvage Operations, Paul Clavet, in his decision to continue on with his new project “Honorless Internet Jerks”. His replacement Khalia Nestune, another of the SN old-guard, also decided to seek other paths soon after his promotion. This has unfortunately left us in somewhat of a dry spell when it comes to salvage ops. However, support for resurrecting the weekly ops has been slowly forming on our forums, and feeling particularly industrious this afternoon, with no set plans for my evening, I decided to volunteer to lead one. “Aiden’s Fun & Booze-filled Sat. Night Salvage/Mayhem Op” soon gained some popularity in corp chat and on the forums, and by 7:30 pm est, we convened in Dodixie for some general anarchy. My goal for the evening was, beyond salvage and loot, some serious, serious tears. Quoted from my posting on our forums:

“Gentleman, its Saturday night; we are going to have some serious, serious fun here at the expense of the furry, lame, mission-grinding carebear population of Dodixie. There will be chaos, there will be mayhem, and there WILL be tears. I want this to be an absolute ninja-swarm madness, and I want our name plastered across all of Dodi local. Our absolute first priority here will be big salty wet ones running down fuzzy bear-cheeks.”

So, with 10 members of Suddenly Ninjas (both vets and some of the new guys), 1 orca-alt, and 1 guest ninja from the eve bloggers channel (o/ Ivanna Nuke), we were ready to rock, and/or, roll.

We had some ups and downs. But after a solid 3 1/2 hours of mission-crashing, ninja-antics, and refilling ninja cocktails and brews, we had a metric fuck-ton of salvage and loot, and LOADS of Dodi local ninja-whines. We were also starting to get drunk, or in Boomershoot’s case, completely bombed. Sadly, despite some intense looting and bumping, we never managed to get anyone to take any shots at us (damn you Dodixie and your ninja-jaded populace). Overall, I personally had a blast leading and FC-ing my first op, and I hope to make this a weekly Saturday night occurrence (and maybe starting a little earlier for our UK ninjas). So fair warning to you “corp mission night!” furbags out there: the ninja salvage-horde is back, and we’re out for blood.



~ by Aiden Mourn on November 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Aiden's Saturday Night Ninja Salvage and Mayhem Op”

  1. Watch out Dixie…we are coming for you!

  2. Yarr! Big time!
    And guess what? During the latest weeks I was so busy on the job that I happened to miss the “Return of the Ninja Knights” (or something like this …)

  3. […] with my intent to resuscitate the unholy and fun-filled tradition of The Ninja Salvage Op (see here for original post), and with a good amount of support from other guys in the corp, I led another […]

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