Not Another Dominion Blog Post

I wasn’t sure what to write for this post. After a lot of tough thinking, distractions, and much digressing, I decided to pan on talking about either the CSM election results or Dominion. There are a million and a half Eve-blogs out there that will talk more than enough about those for me to add anything else on the subject worth reading. What I will say though is 1.) Even though I spend almost zero time in 0.0 and have nothing to do with sovereignty or null-sec politics, Dominion is pretty awesome. Nice new graphics, new sounds, better UI, and some cool new features like the sovereignty window and cooler still, the fleet window (makes FC-ing a WHOLE lot easier). As for the CSM results? Meh….you can check em out here if you already haven’t. No, Logit didn’t make it, and yes, I am still worried about the future of the sandbox. But for now, I’m going to make like a Ralph Nader supporter after, well, every election and lay low on the subjects of a politics for a bit.

I’d been thinking a lot about my goals in Eve recently, both long and short-term. The short term is easy: I’m just about to get into a Raven, and I’m pretty excited about that. I had a lot of the missile skills trained up already for flying Stealth Bombers, and I’ve been feeling a strange draw towards Caldari ships anyways, so I took the plunge and started training up for Caldari Battleships and topping off those missile skills. Along the way it also got me into a Manticore, which I was more than happy to trade in my Hound for. I do love flying Minmatar, but the ridiculously tight fitting constraints on the Hound were really cramping my style. With the Manti, I feel like I’ve got more PG and CPU than I know what to do with. So far I’ve only used to it while ninjaing to jump into a few missions and steal some bounties, but its fun as hell to fly. The Raven is going to be fitted up for pure Bear-spanking goodness, and I should be flying it in under 2 weeks (que evil laugh and creepy finger tapping).

The long-term plans I suppose deserve a lot of thought. I can say with confidence though that I intend to stay with Suddenly Ninjas for the long haul, probably so long as I play Eve. I really can’t ever see myself with a greater group of guys to fly with, and I count myself thankful to have found them earlier on in my Eve career (besides, thats what alts are for =P ). It is always a shame to see good friends leave the corp for other adventures (Cyberin you twat), but it’s also fun knowing that you’ve got buddies out there swimming in other circles that’ll have your back or give you a hand when needed. I also intend to keep going with the Saturday night salvage ops, because a) I think they’re a great idea in terms of getting new and old members together to help each other out, have fun, and make some money, and b) (on a more selfish note) I have a TON of fun running them. Saturday night’s my relax-at-home night. My girlfriend works late, I turn my phone off, I make myself a double makers on the rocks, and I have a blast with a group of awesome guys terrorizing some carebears and making a quick buck. Other plans of mine include taking things a little further with my side-projects in corp espionage and theft. I won’t say exactly what I’m up to, but suffice to say that I’ve got my little ninja hands in many, many pies right now ;).

I’m looking back over this post and realizing it reads a lot like “new years eve” type post. Which is a little annoying because I’ve already got one dynamite post planned for the real new years eve. Anyways, I’m working on a couple new ninja ship-setups right now that I’ll be posting soon (hint: “move over Firetail, here comes the Dramiel!”) so check back soon for that. Enjoy the spiffy new planets kids.



~ by Aiden Mourn on December 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Not Another Dominion Blog Post”

  1. I have no idea how I’ve managed to avoid your blog for all this time. To compensate I’ll write something hurtful about you in the blog soon. I’ve also added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  2. no, you’re a Twat! :p lol 😀

    oh, and…Scorpion all the way 😀

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