Say Hello To My Little Friend

If you were unaware, one of the things that came with the Dominion expansion was a well deserved and long-overdue balancing and de-bugging of projectile weapons and ammo. For starters, projectile ammo has been normalized and categorized into three types: -50% range, 0% range and +60% range. Autocannons (especially the larger ones) now have a much better falloff, and artillery now has a massive increase to alpha (ex: 1400mm howitzers now have a whopping damage multiplier of  10.672). Letrange over at Letrange’s EvE Blog has written two incredibly detailed guides outlining and breaking down the changes and how they pertain to you, the capsuleer. Whether you use projectile weapons and ammo, or typically have them shot at you, I highly, HIGHLY recommend reading both the autocannon & projectile ammo guide and the artillery guide. The are invaluable tools, and I tip my hat to Letrange for writing these up. Check em out.



~ by Aiden Mourn on December 14, 2009.

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