Taking the Wind Out of Some Sails

I think by now, everyone has had a chance to try out their new Christmas present from CCP. Ahh the zephyr; simple yet elegant, light as a feather on a breeze, able to rub elbows with sleepers unharmed, and equipped with a probe launcher that requires zero PG or CPU. Really not too shabby a gift I’d say…except for two, teeny little issues: they’re got the EHP of a snow globe, and there are entirely too many of them. That’s where Suddenly Ninjas comes in. In honor of this gift of the holiday spirit, as well as to increase the worth of your zephyr, we taken it upon ourselves to kill on sight any zephyr we come across. Actually, we’ve made a bit of a contest out of it, with prizes including a brand new Dramiel and 200 mil isk donated by Cyberin, Sal Pheebu, and myself. And with 35 zephyr kills in just over a week, I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job.
I was away for the holidays for the first part of the fun, so when I got back home a few days ago, I decided to get cracking on my zephyr-hunting, security status be damned. The illusive zephyrs are a little shyer than they were before the rest of the Ninjas started pouncing on them like wounded bunnies, but I’ve managed to get two of them so far (1 & 2). For those of you who’d like to do a little pidgeon-shooting of your own, a Thrasher with 7x 280mm howitzer artys (I’ve been using carbine howies),  2x sensor boosters with a scan signature script, a tracking comp with tracking speed script, and two gyrostabs in the lows seems to be highly effective setup. Load this baby up with RF phased plasma and stay at optimal and you’re guaranteed to sink someones sailboat. It’s actually totally overkill, but I alwaya figure when it comes to high sec ganking, you might as well make it as sure of a thing as possible. Plus with insurance, you’re out like 300k when concord shows up.
My sec status is at a nice -1.5 now, which I realize isn’t all that hardcore comparatively, but when you operate out of high sec space, that’s toeing the line. I’m away for another couple of days, but I think I can get another one in when I get back before I need to take a bomber into null and start ratting my status back up. After-all, the official Hulkageddon 2 is just around the corner and Suddenly Ninjas got an invite to the party this year, but more on that later.
On a related note, Herr Willis has come up with some pretty interesting ideas pertaining to suicide-ganking, security status, and the current problem with insurance fraud. Some polarizing arguments to be sure but definitely worth a read.
Anyways, hope everyone had a great holiday, and I wish you a very, very happy New Year.


Edit: links to follow shortly…way to difficult right now on an iPhone on a moving bus 😉

Edit #2: Links fixed

~ by Aiden Mourn on December 29, 2009.

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