My New Favorite Carebear (and so should you)

I’ve been feeling lazy when it comes to repairing my sec status recently. See, Hulkageddon II is right around the corner, and I need to get my security status up to a respectable level so that I may thoroughly trash it again in the name of fun. Getting to null just seemed like such a hassle, so I decided to last night to try my hand at some Empire space security ratting. Now, belt-ratting frigs in 0.9 space is a waste of time. You get something ridiculous like a .0005% sec gain when you pop one. Battleship rats however, would take you a bit further I rationalized. And where to find BS rats in high-sec space? Why whoring other peoples missions of course! And hell, you don’t even have to pop them, just stick a target painter on your salvage boat and target the BS the MR happens to be shooting at. Enter the ninja. I found this guy in a Kronos in Dodixie last night. Let me just come out and give you the tl;dr right up front: This guy is the shit. I sort of wish more MRs were like him (although if they were, we’d run out of tears pretty quickly [smilie=icon_wink.gif] ). So hats off to Psymn, for giving me one hell of a run for my sarcasm and entertaining me for the night.

Aiden Mourn > o/
Psymn > o/
Psymn > why did you shoot my wrecks?

Aiden Mourn > I wasnt aware that I did
Psymn > i saw you do it dude
Aiden Mourn > Since i have no guns on my ship =P
Psymn > you shot some white beam and they dissapeared
Psymn > ax?
Psymn > hax*

Aiden Mourn > quite possibly
Aiden Mourn > you should probably shoot at me
Aiden Mourn > just to be safe

Psymn > so what you doing out here apart from shooting wrecks?
Psymn > i dont know how to shoot
Psymn > im just saving up for a better shit
Psymn > ship*

Aiden Mourn > I save up for a better shit all the time
Aiden Mourn > it just feels better, ya know?

Psymn > all those bad guies just bumped into each other and sploaded
Aiden Mourn > its so weird how they do that!
Aiden Mourn > Well, thats pretty much why im here, to take your wrecks

Psymn > oh
Aiden Mourn > also, im target painting your rats for you
Aiden Mourn > just a little give and take as i see it

Psymn > i dont need it, i dont have any guns either
Psymn > the mission just warped away from me :/

Aiden Mourn > =) I like your style
Aiden Mourn > Well hey, if you learn how to shoot, let me know
Aiden Mourn > I can come “help” some more

Psymn > you already did
Psymn > very much

Aiden Mourn > I mean, its not like i can get my OWN missions to raise my sec status with 😉
Psymn > and you are scared of lowsec?
Aiden Mourn > its more of a lazyness to be honest
Aiden Mourn > getting to null can be a pain you know?
Aiden Mourn > i figure, why not just stay here, continue my daily routines, and target paint a few BSs along the way?
Aiden Mourn > now youve gotta admit, that just makes sense

Psymn > why not get your own missions
Aiden Mourn > Do i seem like the kind of guy that has the standings to get missions?
Aiden Mourn > or really even the desire?

Psymn > ook, but why not get your own missions
Psymn > yes, so you cant do missions, is that what you are saying?

Aiden Mourn > I’m saying I dont do missions
Psymn > because you cant? why dont you learn?
Aiden Mourn > and dont really do anything that puts me in any standings with anyone
Psymn > #theres instructional vids on youtube so i hear, will help you
Aiden Mourn > Heh, I’ll keep that in mind
Psymn > everyone starts learning somewhere 🙂
Aiden Mourn > =)
Psymn > so are you not going to destroy the rest of my wrecks?
Aiden Mourn > destroy is such a negative word
Aiden Mourn > Im going to reappropriate them

Psymn > like robin hood?
Aiden Mourn > not really
Aiden Mourn > robin hood gave the stuff he stole to the poor
Aiden Mourn > i pretty much intend to keep it

Psymn > thats teh same isnt it?
Aiden Mourn > No…not really
Psymn > you arnt poor?
Aiden Mourn > I do ok
Psymn > you certainly did ok out of my mission, that was very profitable for you
Psymn > you must have more than a miiion isk overall, i cant wait until im rich

Aiden Mourn > =)
Aiden Mourn > See you guys are way more fun when you throw it right back
Aiden Mourn > i kinda wish more mission runners were like you

Psymn > there are other mission runnders?
Psymn > i thought ihis was a clever singleplayers

Aiden Mourn > Dont you guys all have like a secret club house or something?
Psymn > you know how your mom sends you out every thursday night?
Aiden Mourn > hahaha, uhuh?
Psymn > 😉
Aiden Mourn > You just might be my favorite mission runner
Aiden Mourn > Well have you started taking a bite out of that “using your new kronos” user guide?
Aiden Mourn > its a doozy

Psymn > i dont fly a kronos
Psymn > i just painted a mega

Aiden Mourn > lol
Psymn > ok, i admit it, i got scammed an bought a mega someone else had painted 😦
Aiden Mourn > Aww man thats the worst
Aiden Mourn > Did he email you first? “moving to jita, no frieghter, out of contracts, convo in station”

Aiden Mourn > How do you think I got this tribal tempest?
Aiden Mourn > I mean vigil

Aiden Mourn > Gah! Magic!
Aiden Mourn > youre making them disappear!

Aiden Mourn > we both win Eve
Psymn > i completed it last week
Psymn > im just playing a few more rounds

Aiden Mourn > Howd you get past the boss at the end of carebear level 12?
Psymn > you have to give him a hug
Aiden Mourn > Well that explains why punching him in the head didnt work
Aiden Mourn > hows it look in there?

Psymn > quiet
Psymn > safe
Psymn > you can come in now

Aiden Mourn > Thanks bud
Aiden Mourn > whelp, thats my one for the 15 min
Aiden Mourn > And my security status thanks you

Psymn > one what?
Aiden Mourn > you get one sec boost per system per 15 minutes
Aiden Mourn > with npc BSs
Aiden Mourn > so ill be seeing you in 14 minutes
Aiden Mourn > if you could go ahead and save a battleship for me to target paint while you shoot at it, thatd be great

Psymn > ok
Aiden Mourn > thanks pal
Psymn > anytime matey

*13 minutes later…

Aiden Mourn > Rats, turned in the mission eh?
Psymn > of course not
Psymn > im waiting in room 4

Aiden Mourn > Darn thing mustve warped away from you again
Psymn > oh you went to THAT mission?
Aiden Mourn > =)
Aiden Mourn > Well sir, its been fun

Psymn > and profitable
Aiden Mourn > Well, you know what they say about friendship over money
Psymn > yes, you made a friend, and i made the money 🙂
Psymn > later

Aiden Mourn > lol
Aiden Mourn > Adios

See what I mean? Amazing. Thanks again for the laughs Psymn. For the record, it looks like high-sec security status grinding is going to be slow work. I netted a .2% increase for “help” Pysmn with one of his BS rats, which means cranking my sec status up to 3.0 or so (a goal) might take some time =/. I wonder, does anyone have a chart or info about what the average sec gain is per BS rat in various sec-status systems (1.0 – null)?



~ by Aiden Mourn on January 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “My New Favorite Carebear (and so should you)”

  1. Eeek!

    Yeah, going to go do some sec status grinding myself here. Not looking forward to it. It’s slow going.

  2. It has to be the season (and Hulkaggeddon II), all the flashies and yellows are grinding sec status right now.

  3. @ Cyras: Hah, is it that obvious?

    @ VP: I’m up to -1! Someone bake a cake and pour some drinks.

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