Adventures In Can-Baiting, Pt.2

Day two of my underhanded and cheap can-baiting shenanigans was, for lack of a better word, FAIL. Just utter, utter fail. After something like 2 hours of belt-cruising boredom, I finally find a bit of success with WhiteDevilR331, mining in a scythe in Vylade (honestly, the ships you guys are mining in to attempt to sidestep hulkageddon is amazing). After flipping his huge amount of scordite, he rejects about 5 convo attempts. He did come back to the can in a mammoth but then warped off. Eventually, I left the spot and came back 20 minutes later to find him mining into another jet can. I really wanted to nail this dipshit, so I flipped him again. This time, he did strike up a conversation/me taunting him:

Aiden Mourn > Haha, thanks for the free ore
WhiteDevilR331 > hello
Aiden Mourn > I owe you one, I really hate mining my own ore
WhiteDevilR331 > i´m not a friend from pirates
Aiden Mourn > what?
WhiteDevilR331 > F-C-C is my corp and then its my ore
Aiden Mourn > right
Aiden Mourn > i really dont care who your corp is
Aiden Mourn > but i am about to come take all the ore i stole from your can when you ran
Aiden Mourn > how long did it take to mine all that?

WhiteDevilR331 > can you not fair play?
Aiden Mourn > no
WhiteDevilR331 > i´m not interested to write with people that stolen my ore or what ever
WhiteDevilR331 > good night

At this point, I warp to the can he’s just started to fill again, and flip that one too

Aiden Mourn > like that?
Aiden Mourn > steal your ore like that?

Aiden Mourn > =)
WhiteDevilR331 > asshole

After that, we had the following evemail correspondence:

i am sad
From: Aiden Mourn
Sent: 2010.01.09 01:04
To: WhiteDevilR331,

dont call people names… hurt my feelings =(


Re: i am sad
From: WhiteDevilR331
Sent: 2010.01.09 01:06
To: Aiden Mourn,

whats your problem guy?
you stolen my ore and lought over me in the local chat and than you have a problem with your fellings? you are so stupid

Re: Re: i am sad
From: Aiden Mourn
Sent: 2010.01.09 01:07
To: WhiteDevilR331,

Now you’re calling me stupid too. You’re a real jerk man. What is wrong with you?


Re: Re: Re: i am sad
From: WhiteDevilR331
Sent: 2010.01.09 01:08
To: Aiden Mourn,

you stolen my ore, thats the problem. or can you not understood was i write?

Re: Re: Re: Re: i am sad
From: Aiden Mourn
Sent: 2010.01.09 01:09
To: WhiteDevilR331,

well you were so mean about it afterwards, you can have it. Jerk. Have a nice life.


=) He logged after that.

Next up, fellow ninja Tyrion had been harassing this other guy in Vylade as well; bumping him, targeting, baiting him in convos, and stealing his can after he told him he wouldn’t ( =) Nice work man). I decided to “play the Director” role, and started a convo with the guy. The plan was, convince him that we at SN definitely frown on canflipping, and to settle the matter, I would “give him his ore back” (*snicker*). I would fleet him, give him a warp-to for safe spot where the can was, and then immediately drop him from fleet. This guy was truly a prize idiot, and although the whole conversation is way too long and ridiculous to post, here’s some of the highlights reel:

novas storm > yea…
Aiden Mourn > hey
novas storm > ur not getting anything lol me not stupid lol
Aiden Mourn > I’ve heard that there was a disagreement between a member of my corp and you
Aiden Mourn > I was hoping to resolve it to be honest
Aiden Mourn > I’m a director in Tyrion Mason’s corp
Aiden Mourn > I heard he was sort of giving you a hard time

novas storm > yea he stole my shit and ur a nijia too thats ok tommorow my corp is going to be on and hes going to die we are pvp pirates

(novas is a 1 month old character… Also, its his alt, a 3 month old character, that is in the “pvp pirate” corp)

Aiden Mourn > Yes, I know I’m a ninja, I just told you that
novas storm > so they dont care about sec or losin ships to concord ok
novas storm > hes fucked
novas storm > death nightmare
novas storm > check that corp
novas storm > thats who hes fuckin with

Aiden Mourn > Well that does sound serious
Aiden Mourn > we don’t condone player harassment


Aiden Mourn > Salvaging, yes
Aiden Mourn > but not deliberate harrassment

novas storm > yea yea yea… well i dont care i dont want to talk ….talk to my corps bs tommorow were going to war deck ur corp 🙂
novas storm > we were looking for another corp to war deck and cuz of him we found one thats why im minning right now

Aiden Mourn > I see
Aiden Mourn > Well is there something that can be done to avoid that?

novas storm > yea i want my ore back he took now!!!!!!!!
Aiden Mourn > What if i were to give you back your ore
novas storm > death nightmare is my other account just so u know
Aiden Mourn > Yeah I figured that
novas storm > yea give it to me and i promise no wardeck
novas storm > im pissed if u cant tell

Aiden Mourn > I can tell
Aiden Mourn > how much ore was it

novas storm > i told him he could have the wrecks i made them blue for him and he stole my ore
novas storm > and the mocked me

Hear that? “Mocking”, folks. This shit just got REAL. Eventually, novas storm dragged his alt’s CEO (who wasn’t even in-game at the time and was playing another game) via Vent into the game and conversation to talk to me. Twice. Exodus Williams turned out to be a decent enough guy, even though I lied through my teeth for most of the conversation, and he seemed to agree with me that novas was a first class moron, and generally an embarrassment to himself and those around him. Exodus was also instrumental in getting novas to join Tyrion and I’s fleet  (cheers!), and things seemed to be going as planned.

Exodus Williams > 07 0/
novas storm > here one of my sexy bosses to talk to u

Aiden Mourn > o/
Exodus Williams > so what seems to be the problem
Aiden Mourn > Nothing much, it appears a member of my corp was harrassing Novas here
Exodus Williams > i see
Aiden Mourn > I’ve spoken with the member and he’ll be giving me the ore he took back
Exodus Williams > so was there any hitng destroyed or lost
Aiden Mourn > Novas seemed pretty upset
Exodus Williams > i see i was inivte and didnt knwo what was up
Aiden Mourn > Ahah
Aiden Mourn > Well, I think problem is solved
Exodus Williams > yeah i was playing another game and was asked in vent to stop in
Aiden Mourn > Well, good talking to you
Exodus Williams > yeah i was about to say i cant with another problem with his alt corp
Aiden Mourn > Heh, well, I can assure you it’ll be taken care of
Exodus Williams > np ill trust ur judgment

Exodus Williams > well i do apolojize for bothering you
Exodus Williams > and i assume all is in good hands

Aiden Mourn > Yeah, taken care of
Exodus Williams > 07 0/
Aiden Mourn > o7

Here’s where I tried to get novas to join fleet and warp to me but he wasn’t having it. Then he cried to Exodus again =).

novas storm > what do u take me for?
Aiden Mourn > I take you for asshole if you keep wasting my time
Aiden Mourn > if you want the ore, this it, if not, fine

Exodus Williams > wtf
Aiden Mourn > /slash: /facepalm
Aiden Mourn > this it getting rediculous
Exodus Williams > i cant play dawn of war for fucking 10 mins
Exodus Williams > ffs
Exodus Williams > wtf is going on

Aiden Mourn > my guy dropped the ore in space
Aiden Mourn > i told novas id give him a warp to, then id warp away. I don’t have a hauler handy and frankly this is beginning to waste my time.
Aiden Mourn > I have stuff to do

Exodus Williams > same here
Aiden Mourn > My opinion is that your man novas here is an idiot
Aiden Mourn > no offense to you

Exodus Williams > none taken
Aiden Mourn > So im washing my hands of this
Exodus Williams > okay he will warp to you
Exodus Williams > add him to fleet
Exodus Williams > listen mate if i get bother one ,more tiem im going to be a pissed panada

Aiden Mourn > you and me both
Aiden Mourn > novas
Aiden Mourn > leave the fleet youre in
Aiden Mourn > novas…
Aiden Mourn > he needs to leave the fleet hes in though first

Exodus Williams > okay np leave fleet numb nutt
Aiden Mourn > hit “ok”
Exodus Williams > lol
Exodus Williams > omg numbs what is this game coem to

Aiden Mourn > ok hes in fleet
Aiden Mourn > thanks for your help exodus

Somehow though, when novas warped to me and I dropped him from fleet, he took from the can with no problems. No flashy red, no aggression. I don’t know if this was a bug or just me not quite understanding fleet mechanics well enough, but I was pissed. This was about an hour of planning and scheming gone down the drain, and to make it worse, we gave this dipshit his ore back. Tyrion decided to stick around and harass the guy some more, but I was fuming, so I need to head somewhere new.

In Auvergne next door, I immediately came across Dragen Cro, who I had been pestering hours before. A few hours previously, I’d tried to bait him when I found a serpentis copper tag in one of his wrecks near where he was mining. I’d offered to “give it back” to him via evemail, but he never took the bite. This time though, I found him in a Prophesy (note: Dragen is a 2 month old character, heh). I immediately popped the tag I still had in my hold and labeled the can “Your tag from before”. He popped a t1 sensor booster and labeled the can “fuck you”. =). I seem to have a way with people. I pondered for a second…my t2 AC rifter vs his 2-month-old ass in a battlecruiser…and then took his bait. He immediately warped away, and I spend the next 15 minutes chasing him across 4 systems, in and out of stations and belts and trying to goad him into shooting. No luck. =(.

The amount of FAIL this day was throwing my way was really starting to get to me, and I took off towards Renyn by way of Du Annes. Finally, in Trosquesere, I found a two-week old character mining away in a Imicus. I decided to play the “aww sorry, you’re new to the game, let me help you out” card. I flipped his can and then convoed him, apologizing for my dick move. I told him I’d thought the ore was a corpmates of mine and told him he could have it back. After walking him through how to take from my can (I really am a bad man), he went flashy and I pounced on him. I decided to see if I could get away with what I did to my other noob friend the other day, and promised that that was just a “lesson in eve” and he could totally come back and grab his ore. Turns out though, this guy had half a brain, and politely (and knowingly) declined. Nice to see there’s some intelligence in this game.

My last stop of the night was deep into Nadire, where I found a guy jetcan mining in a Hyperion. o.0. This seriously got my mouth watering, and after I flipped his MASSIVE amount of ore (like, more than fits into one jetcan), I really tried every sneaky trick in the book to get him to take it back. I tried the “Aww sorry man, I was just bored and that was a dick move, its all yours!” approach. I tried leaving system and hanging on the gate for a few minutes. I even tried logging off and then jumping back in. Nothing. This guy was not falling for it. Eventually, a combination of too much time spent in eve and girlfriend-aggro got me to really log for the night. So overall, not exactly the most fruitful evening, however the tears were pretty delicious. Stay tuned for more.


~ by Aiden Mourn on January 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Adventures In Can-Baiting, Pt.2”

  1. Out of curiosity, you spent how long doing this?

    I think your evaluation of yourself was correct, my recommendation is you make a few gank ships and find sweeter tears in Hulkageddon.


  2. @Mike: Longer than I probably should have, but although ganking miners was *a* goal for the evening, it wasn’t *the* goal. I don’t neccessarily play this game with much direction in mind besides pretty much amusing myself. Yes, if I truly just wanted to see some destruction, I probably could’ve fit out a gank BC or BS caused a little anarchy. But one of the reasons I really enjoy highsec griefing is that I have to use my head to trick, out-wit, and out-smart people to get the better of them. You’re totally entitled to play the game in whatever manner you like; this just happens to be my prefered style.


    p.s. Although I agree with you, the tears couldve been sweeter ;). I give these a B-.

  3. @Aiden: Looks like you didn’t have much luck after our convo in Auv. Seems Hulkageddon has most of the asteroid pew pew crowd in a bad mood. Us battleship miners need to form a union or something. Most of us are pretty reticent re: can flipping but I’m always up for a good fight.

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