Ninjas: 1, Wormhole POS: 0

Who doesn’t love a good POS-bash? Its like camping with your buddies; everyone hangs out in a circle, gets liquored-up, and throws things at the fire. Thats basically what a POS party is. This particular one was discovered in a WH the other night by fellow ninja Zavulon Sukkot while we were hunting around for our non-existent war targets (more on that later), and after knocking it into reinforced two nights ago, we came back 24 hrs later to burn it to the ground. I logged in at about 2:45 am EST to head back to the WH for the pew, but then learned that the entrance had moved about 36 jumps away from me. Lame. But I jumped back into my Manticore and headed out, arriving just after the medium tower got out of RF. Pretty uneventful POS-bash over-all; the owner came in a few times before it left RF, and before anyone but our scout was actually IN the WH and ferried some ships out. They came back once or twice in a drake during the actual take-down, but after realizing they were up against 4 BCs and 4 SBs, they decided to bounced (we bubbled the entrance soon after just for good measure too). Nothing incredible dropped from the mobile lab attached, but the actual worth of the loot is still being determined. Regardless, I had a relaxing and laid back evening hurling juggernaut torpedoes at the POS for about 45 minutes, and who doesn’t like a POS, a mobile lab, a corp hanger, a ship array, an explosion damp array, a ballistic deflection array, and three small pos guns on their KB? Special thanks to Zav for finding this goody-bag and then doing an excellent job FCing it, and props to Jordan Parey, for having a ridiculous damage output on his hound and getting highest damage on I think everything we shot at. Below are a TON of screenshots I took for your viewing pleasure (plus a sneak peak into the high-brow fleet-chat conversations and discussions that can be expected on most occasions with the Ninjas 😉 ). Enjoy.



~ by Aiden Mourn on January 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ninjas: 1, Wormhole POS: 0”

  1. lol…You killed a basically unarmed medium pos belonging to carebears then make a blog about it?

    You sir are terrible.

  2. @ HumptyDumpty: Yes, I did. And Yes, I know. 😉

    You’ll note though that this is just a post about some fun we had knocking down a POS tower. Nowhere in this post am I lambasting or ridiculing the POS owners. If anything, I’d say they did a very efficient job of taking anything of substantial value out of the POS before we even got to it, and their losses were pretty minimal to what you CAN lose putting up a WH POS.


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