PLEX For Haiti

If you haven’t already seen it up on the Dev Blog, I wanted to take a second to step back from internet spaceships and talk real life for a second. As you know, two weeks ago an off-the-charts earthquake shattered Haiti, leaving 100,000 dead and almost another 100,000 missing or presumed dead. World-wide aid and relief is coming in to help, but everything can be of assistance now, especially as the disaster enters its second phase with shortages of food and clean water, shelters, and sanitation.

CCP has decided to step forward with donations from both them and the Eve Online player-base. Starting on January 19th until February 15th, CCP will be taking donations towards the relief effort in Haiti in for form of PLEXs, which they will then turn into IRL monetary donations. If you think a PLEX is a bit too much for you to afford in-game right now, there are also plenty of other ways to help at .

I’d also like to second what both CCP and Casiella over at Ecliptic Rift have written about those who might see this as an opportunity to scam for personal gains. To do so would be despicable beyond comprehension, and this is coming from someone who spends their time in-game stealing, looting, suicide-ganking, and mocking others. I’d urge a perma-ban on anyone found attempting to scam based on this endeavor by CCP.

Anyways, be well, and thanks for reading.



~ by Aiden Mourn on January 29, 2010.

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