Eve-Blogger Teamwork: IamBeastx Saves the Day

Yesterday afternoon, I got wtfpwnd. Big time. I was in a mission and grabbed aggro from a Domi, and sure enough he threw his drones at me. Here’s where I first failed though. Instead of warping out on first aggro, I realized I’d forgot to ship-scan before looting so I’d know what damage-type and hardeners to fit on the Raven. Shit. So I attempted a quick scan while trying to out-fly the drones, but unfortunately, I got wasted before I could even get a scan off. Ugh. But fine, its a vigil, not a big deal; besides, I had aggro now (this, kids, is why we fly cheap salvage ships).

I went and grabbed the raven and jumped back to the mission, which was of course deserted now. Now, when I saw the Taranis appear on grid about 100km from me and then warp off, THATS probably when I really should have followed suit. Alas, I was an idiot and waited another 5 minutes until the MR jumped in on top of me in an Eos, with two corpmates in Myrms. Fuck. Me. 25 seconds later, I was raven-less and shaking my head. Ah well, good fight, and nice work for the mission runner with brains who got the better of me.

Just the same, when you lose a ship, you want a little payback. I logged for most of the rest of the afternoon to get some RL work done (its amazing how RL-productive losing a BS can make you!), but later that evening, I decided to vent my anger on someone, and went looking for a fight.

Success came quickly. I found a retriever jet-can mining in Vittenyn (I know, I know…it was just too easy though), and promptly flipped the can. He didn’t look like he was going to make a move until I shot the can I’d just stolen. THAT got him mad, and he warped off.

I orbited his can for about 2 minutes (and gave a friendly warning to a 2 day old player nearby about the dangers of mining into 3 jetcans), before he jumped back in in a Myrm. Hmm. Myrms can go either way when you’re in a rifter. With T2 drones, you’re going to be in rough shape. I mean even with T1’s you’re up against some pretty heavy dps for a rifter, but you’ll have a better time picking them off one by one.

Luckily, he popped out a flight of t1’s and I went in for the tackle. Here’s where things got tricky though, as it seemed like every time I webbed and popped a drone, another one would pop out. Eventually, he actually started to overwhelm my armor repper and my cap started to tap out. “Lame” I thought, as I had to jump out and run to station in structure (he had no point on me). I patched up, and headed back out.

Insanely, he was STILL just sitting in the belt, so I went in for the tackle for round 2. He continued to shit out an endless stream of drones, until finally, he seemed to be fresh out. Perfect. Now I ducked in under his guns, turned off my AB, and began to slowly putter around him, emptying my guns into his armor over and over again.

L777KH > I tired of this what dou want
Aiden Mourn > i want to kill your myrm
Aiden Mourn > you could turn off your repper and make this go faster if you want
Aiden Mourn > =)

L777KH > Stop
Aiden Mourn > for what?
L777KH > stop and lets talk
Aiden Mourn > um, no
Aiden Mourn > lets talk now
Aiden Mourn > while i continue to shoot

L777KH > I do pettition and send to CCP
Aiden Mourn > for what?
Aiden Mourn > losing?
Aiden Mourn > be my guest

L777KH > No read rules
Aiden Mourn > lol
Aiden Mourn > what rules?

Aiden Mourn > Dont kill L777KH because he will cry?

He left convo 😉

The problem was, even though he couldn’t hit me anymore, his tank was taking FOREVER to get through. I slowly started to realize that I might actually run out of ammo before he popped. I put a shout out in corp, but everyone was either afk or 15+ jumps out (although props to Katsu for offering to JC back to dodi). I tried the ninja alliance channel, again nothing.

So I decided to try the Eve Bloggers Channel, which is typically filled with all sorts of fun, helpful, and syntactically correct people. I got an immediate response from IamBeastx from “Smart Fun With Big Guns” who was handily in Dodixie buying a new Curse, and offered to drop me off some ammo when he was done buying. Awesome.

Back to our Myrm friend. Things started to get tight when I ran out of rockets, and then as I started to slog through the second part of his hull, I realized I was totally out of backup ammo now. First, I tried offering him his release for a ransom:

Aiden Mourn > last chance for a ransom
Aiden Mourn > stop repping

L777KH > What do you want
Aiden Mourn > 40 mil
Aiden Mourn > STOP REPPING
Aiden Mourn > ok fine

Guns back on. Dick. Commence with the cursing of my name and mother in a language I don’t know.

L777KH > Hui tebe
L777KH > ponyal

Aiden Mourn > 35 mil
L777KH > 5 mil
Aiden Mourn > lol
L777KH > hui tebe
Aiden Mourn > i dont speak that
L777KH > a mne po hui

I overheated and got him to about 10% hull before the guns started to go click click click. Uuuugh. I kept him pinned down and decided to wait for Beastx.

Aiden Mourn > this is so lame
L777KH > poshel na hui uebok
Aiden Mourn > i can keep you here all night bud

Finally, a familiar Curse dropped in and jetted 6,000 rounds of RF EMP s and PP s. Beast, you are the man. I loaded up, bumped right up against the myrm, and let the onslaught (read: slow and painfully long chipping away) commence. I seriously doubt that “pvp” has ever felt more like mining to anyone, ever.

Aiden Mourn > *sigh*
Aiden Mourn > this is sure taking a while isnt it
Aiden Mourn > this wont go any faster if you keep repping
Aiden Mourn > or, heres an idea
Aiden Mourn > you eject
Aiden Mourn > and leave system
Aiden Mourn > and i pay you 5 mil

L777KH > What do you want
L777KH > 5 mill?

He tried a logofski, twice, but finally, FINALLY, he went down in flames.

Aiden Mourn > well
Aiden Mourn > good fight i guess

All said and done, from the moment of first engagement to popping him, this myrm took 50 fucking minutes to take down. That’s actually kind of ridiculous. Just the same though, sifting through the loot and realizing he was faction fitted made me feel like my time was well spent :).

So, while losing a raven to what felt like prison love was lame earlier, nailing a solo kill in a rifter on a faction fit 120mil isk myrmidon was awesome. Again, I have to give huge thanks to Beastx for saving the day, as well as the rest of the Eve Bloggers channel for being equally as hilarious during the entire thing. You guys are awesome.



photo credit: Flickr member zert.sonstige_2008

~ by Aiden Mourn on February 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Eve-Blogger Teamwork: IamBeastx Saves the Day”

  1. Well done, for sure. Getting faction stuff to drop off the Myrm was the icing on the cake.

  2. 77,000 damage taken by the myrm. xD

  3. lol, really, lol

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