Suddenly, Blog Pack?

Crazy Kinux, the man behind the Eve Online Blog Pack, has recently announced that the time has come to clean house. For those who aren’t aware, the EO Blog Pack is a hand-picked collection of the best and sharpest eve-related blogs online, and CK’s decision is based on the idea that the Blog Pack should be the best of the best; a bench-mark of Eve-blogging. As such, he will be shedding blogs from the existing blog pack that aren’t up to date or relevant, and adding in some fresh new ones (can you see where this is going? 😉 ).

Beyond the hype and prestige that comes along with being in THE EO Blog Pack, what it definitely comes with is exposure, which means more readers. In the case of Finders and Keepers, this means more people to share in the hilarious, insightful, and action-packed adventures of Eve’s favorite fun-loving criminals, Suddenly Ninjas.

You see, we’re starting to feel a little unloved. With Cyberin, author of “Hands Off, My Loots!” taking an indefinite break from Eve, the Ninjas have a noticeable lack of representation on the Blog Pack; which means less embarrassing chat-logs, less discussions on the subject of game mechanics, ethics, and how they blur together, and most importantly, less tears.

If we can all agree that Eve is a sandbox, then I think we can also agree that we need blogging representation from all different sorts of players. The Blog Pack has some great blogs right now from Pirates, Industrialists, null-sec Warriors, Worm-hole dwellers, and others, but what its lacking is Ninjas. I know, call me biased, but it is my firm belief that the Blog Pack needs a salty dose of Ninja it its new incarnation, and I’d like Finders and Keepers to be that dosage.

So here’s what I’m asking: if you read and enjoy this blog, please, PLEASE go to Crazy Kinux’s post and put in a comment suggesting Finders and Keepers be added to the Blog Pack. You can talk at great length about how awesome the blog is in great detail, or you can simple post those three words “finders and keepers” in a comment. It would really mean a lot to me, and I thank you in advance.

I truly hope that you guys enjoy this blog, and added or not, know that I will continue to post regularly, with the combination of cheek, wit, and sarcasm that you’ve come to appreciate. Thanks again for your support, and remember….keep em crying.



~ by Aiden Mourn on February 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Suddenly, Blog Pack?”

  1. Been there, done that, even before you posted this.

  2. And you are in! \o/ Congratz

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