Ninjaing the Blog Pack

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who put in a good word for Finders and Keepers to be added to the New Blog Pack, and of course to CK for adding me.

I started this blog after being an avid reader of blogs like Mynxee’s Life In Low Sec and Wensley’s Rifter Drifter and thinking that I probably also had some stories, adventures, hilarious encounters, or even the occasional advice that people might want to read. So 6 months later, thank you for reading and continuing to read this blog.

I’ve updates my links to the right with the new pack blogs as well as some other of what I consider to be great blogs that aren’t on the official pack. Also added a couple new Ninja blogs as well.

Oh and congrats are definitely in order to Cyberin (whos back in eve and back in the ninjas, but more on that later) for his blog Hands Off! My Loots! , and SN-alumni Paul Clavet and Khalia Nestune for My Loot, Your Tears, both of which are also part of the new Blog Pack.



P.S. And yes, “ninjaing” is absolutely a real word. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

~ by Aiden Mourn on March 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “Ninjaing the Blog Pack”

  1. Hey Aiden,

    great MLYT made it into the blog pack. I like reading blogs on the iPhone so let’s hope you’ll be in the new Capsuleer.

  2. D’OH! Having many blogs open at the same time I totally messed it up and wrote MLYT! LOL. I do know it’s called finders & keepers.


  3. 🙂 gratz and welcome aboard matey

  4. Congrats and welcome aboard!

  5. GZ on the Blog pack.. Shouldn’t ninja blogs be above the blog pack though? Even though we are not on it 😦

  6. @ Scopique: yeah i post comments before coffee all the time too 😛

    @ Manasi and CK: thank you sirs!

    @ Rana: the categories *were* alphabetical, but you’re right. Fix’d it 😉

  7. Gratz on getting in man…

    p.s…it feels weird getting congratulated on something i’ve been in for a while 😀

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