Leading The Ninjas: The Passing Of The Torch

You know that dream everyone has? You know, the one where you go to school with no pants on, or you have to give a speech to a huge crowd and you’ve forgotten your notes? How about the one where your boss turns to you and asks if you want his job; ever have that one?

About a week ago, Velocity Prime, CEO of Suddenly Ninjas and the TEARS alliance (and my boss) decided that due to impending RL time constraints with baby Prime #2 due next week (congrats man!) the time had come for him to limit his Eve gamplay as well as step down as CEO :(.

VP’s been a huge driving force behind the Ninjas since taking over for founder Tchell Dahhn about a year ago, and we wish him all the best with the new addition to his family. Just the same, it was pretty sad to hear of his decision, even if it wasn’t totally unexpected with the level of RL responsibilities we knew were coming his way. What WAS unexpected though was him asking me to take his place.


Yeah, this would be that dream about going to school sans pants. As of last Thursday, I am now the CEO of Suddenly Ninjas and the TEARS alliance. You may commence with the fawning and the flattery ( 😉 ).

While I have to admit that my first thoughts were along the lines of “oh shit”, the idea is growing on me as it becomes more of a reality. I feel as though I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill, but I intend to helm Suddenly Ninjas and the TEARS Alliance to the best of my abilities and in keeping with the precedent set before me.

To the anonymous e-mailer (you know who you are) who contacted me the other day, the answer to your question is ‘no’ there will not be “sweeping changes to the sad way [we] conduct [our]selves in-game” nor will there be a stop “to the ridiculous and immiture [sic] obsession with ‘teats’” (I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you meant “tears”). Far from it my fuzzy carebear friend! Actually, you should beprepared for a whole new level of fun and excitement at your expense!

We’ve got a lot going on right now in the Ninjas. With Cyberin back helping with recruitment, our corp is growing steadily and responsibly. We’ve had the fat trimmed off the alliance and some great new talent added, and we’re ready to flex our muscle as a self-contained, fully functioning alliance. And while Dodixie will still continue to be claimed under Ninja Ownership ™, we’ve also been quietly (and sometimes NOT so quietly) sneaking out on little ninja field trips to bottle tears and lay waste to missions in other systems as well.

So, expect some new and exciting things, and (bearing in mind how weird this is to say about a group of Ninjas) be prepared to see a lot more of us.

I honestly can’t say I ever saw myself in this position, but here I am. I want to thank everyone who’s given their support during this changeover, and especially VP for putting his trust and faith in me (would YOU give me the keys to YOUR corporate wallet? Exactly).


~ by Aiden Mourn on March 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Leading The Ninjas: The Passing Of The Torch”

  1. Aaaaideeen! Cyberin took my Vigil and he said I won’t get it back! Can you please punish him? Oh, and I just sent you this list of my 138 out of corp IRL friends. Plese be so kind and set the standing to blue ok? Oh and did you already look into the report on the effectiveness of t1 vs. t2 salvagers (implants, and rigs included)?
    The weekly management meeting is tonight. It’s 3:30 am your time. I hope you don’t mind?


    p.s.: Why is the anti-spam word I have to enter at the end of the comments always “dominix”? Is it just me? These buggers show up in every other mission I want to salvage, and now even here in your blog? 😉

  2. Wooo, sounds like VP had faith in you, so congrats, and I hope you do a damn good job! You should be just fine as long as you remember why it is we’re all here, and that’s for the teats, of course.

  3. Congratulations Aiden. You are well qualified.

  4. You suck Aiden, I hope you do a horrible job and die in a fire in real life (in game though)!

  5. Best luck, Aiden!

  6. Congrats! And yes Scorpique, its just you 😛

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