March Madness

As CEO of TEARS and Suddenly Ninjas, I sometimes feel as though I should be giving out monthly or quarterly reports or something on “our progress as an alliance” or “where we are going directionally and goal-wise”. However, that my friends would be a boring, boring post. Our progress and direction? Going nicely thanks. We’ve branched into new areas, caused a rainstorm of new tears, and one of our members even single-handedly took out an entire mission running corp. Plus, we’ve been war-deced by a butt-hurt 1-man mission-running corp.

So instead, I thought I’d give a “monthly progress report” of TEARS and SN in the form of some of my favorite and astoundingly hilarious kills and tears from the past month. Please, grab your popcorn.

Behold, “The Vigils of Doom”; a warp disruptor, one trusty drone, and a dream.

This is the result of can-flipping in a Vigil and then switching to a Hurricane against not 1, but 2 Myrms. I got taken into low low armor but taking them both down was just plain awesome.

When the can flipper kills your caracal, switching out to your hulk via your orca’s ship maintenance bay to try and “finish him” is a pretty stupid idea. When that starts to fail, switching from your hulk into your orca to rep the hulk is a SUPREMELY STUPID IDEA. Boomershoot might just have the kill(s) of the month here with this (these) gem(s):

Hallax crashes a mission party, gets shot at, and then destroys everyone and completely demoralizes an entire corp.

Irony is: killing the Huginn that killed your salvage/flipping Vigil the day before and finding said Vigil’s loot still in the Huginn’s cargohold:

Although technically from right before he joined TEARS, I’m counting this one just because of pure awesomeness. Garresh is a former Ninja turned WH-dweller, and has recently decided to come back to TEARS with his new corp, The Hole Patrol (also with his girlfriend, who he not only talked into playing Eve, but also into joining a corp called “The Hole Patrol”. Well done sir.). This Navy Apoc is Garresh’s first mission runner gank:

Some ships, like the above-mentioned Apoc Navy Issue, are far to shiny for their own good. Tuomas and Danjor knock this Imperial Navy Slicer down a notch.

Lastly, a collection of lovingly collected tears:

1GaerhettFerguson1 > wat did i fucking steal huh bitch!?

1GaerhettFerguson1 > …..ur an asshole
Aiden Mourn > whats that? you want a hankerchief?
Aiden Mourn > here, take mine

1GaerhettFerguson1 > idc if u killed me…..i really dont b.c i have enough money to buy a new one…..and im not crying about it…..ur just an asswhipe
Aiden Mourn > awwww, all those tears are gonna ruin your makeup cupcake

Enkilil > i don’t ninja salvage because i’m not a massive rampaging faggot.

Parline > lol

Hurk Mondo > somebodys tired….
omega29F > do i smell can fishin?
tombstoner55 > no a ninja asshole
Aiden Mourn > why are you smelling assholes?

So yeah, March was a pretty fun month ;). Stick around; its spring, the sun is out, and April is looking good already.


~ by Aiden Mourn on April 2, 2010.

6 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. Looking at those two Myrms you took down, I wonder if you, or somebody (anybody, please!) could explain the logic (sic) of those fittings, cuz I really, really, don’t see any. Especially not with skills that are sub-optimal.

    • @ Sparrow Letov: I don’t think either of them are necessarily *bad* fittings. The lack of any sort of tackle on the second one suggests its’s probably better suited as PVE fitting, so I had the advantage there.

      @ Thezerion: Much appreciated sir! And you’re welcome to come fly with us any time you want.

  2. As a former SN member, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. The tears are sweet, and I can tell that you’ve got the drive to lead the legacy that T’Chell and Velocity Prime have left you. In fact, I’m kinda tempted to make a trek to Dodixie to fly with the Ninjas again. 🙂

  3. Great “state of the corp” progess report.

    I want to know more. Like: HTF those interceptors couldn’t at least hit you?

    • @ Pod: I’m assuming you mean the stealth bombers that Scop took out, not interceptors. They probably did hit him but for minimal damage. A Vigil can hit speeds of over 1000m/s in even a very tight orbit, and a warp disruptor has a range of 20km. This would enable you to speed-tank most damage at either close orbit or outside of range while still keeping a target pinned. Stealth bombers are paper thin as well, thinner than even a vigil, so a single t2 drone would chew through them pretty quickly. The hardest part is not giggling so much that you forget to keep range.

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