O. Q. I. Part 2: The Eicero Mystery

It’s been brought to my attention since the original posting of “Operation Questionable Intelligence” that Eicero, the loose-walleted, intel-hungry protagonist no longer exists in the world of Eve.


Actually, the anonymous tipster called out my accountability by suggesting that Eicero never did exist as a character and that my story was made up. This pissed me off a little, so I dug around for proof. Indeed, “Eicero” is no longer a searchable character in-game. However, he did exist at one point.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present exhibit A (links to follow, I’m on a train on an iPhone):


So, my integrity intact, I move on to my next concern. Eicero, I sincerely hope your decision to close down your character had nothing to do with this blog or me calling you out. I mean that. We all do stupid things in Eve, especially while flying intoxicated. My intent was to have a laugh, albeit at your expense, but it was not my intention to force you to quit the game.

Eve is ruthless, and we all get sand kicked in our face sometimes. My hope is, that you brush yourself off, rinse put your mouth, and come back for more. Me being a manipulative and lying dick is no reason to quit the game.

So here’s my offer. Eicero, if I was the cause of you *leaving the game*, I’d like you to come back. To encourage you to do so, I’ll even go in half on a 30 day pilots liscence if you do. THAT’S how much I don’t want you to quit over this. Email me, let’s talk.


p.s. Please feel free to post more “proof of eicero” below

~ by Aiden Mourn on April 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “O. Q. I. Part 2: The Eicero Mystery”

  1. Soooo, does that mean I can make a character named Eicero and you’ll send him 150m ISK?

    Hmmm, do I actually do it, or do I hit the Submit Comment button?

  2. i never shoulda linked your blog on the corp forum… lol.

  3. The likelyhood is that he was a meta-gaming espionage alt, used to gain intel on a specific enemy and then disposed of once their usefulness was over. If this is the case and seeing as how you blew his cover when you posted about him and the scam you pulled I’m not particularly surprised that he’s disappeared.

  4. Confirming that Eicero was my alt, and I was drunk

  5. Griefer’s remorse?


    • @ Pod: I didn’t mean to suggest any sort of “griefer’s remorse”. I’m not apologetic for either taking advantage of Eicero or then publicly mocking his folly. What I was trying to convey was that as a fellow eve-player, I’m sorry that he chose to leave this fantastically awesome world of internet spaceships at all. I’m not sorry for its content, but if this blog had anything to do with his departure, I’m sorry that it had that effect on him.

  6. “Me being a manipulative and lying dick is no reason to quit the game. ”

    Being a Dick ain’t so bad

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