Jumping On the Meme Wagon

Someone posed the question, “What’s in your Hanger?” to the Eve blogging community, so I thought I’d get on that train and open up the ninja hanger for prying eyes.

I tend to maintain a sense of humor surrounding Eve and my activities within the game. As such, I don’t really ever name ships with “menacing” or “tough” sounding names like “destroyrz of wurldz!” or “Grim Reaper” or anything like that. Also, I’m a bit of a roamer and my “hanger” is spread across a TON of systems throughout New Eden, but my primary parking spots for ships are Dodixie and Fricoure, so I’ll go through those:

Probe/Vigil – These are my go-to ninjaing ships, usually incredibly cheaply fit; Probes for scanning and Vigils for salvaging/looting. Both are almost always named “Cargo Container” for added “sneak” effect.

Reaper – I’ve recently taken a shine to flipping and ninjaing in a noob ship. A.) its hilarious, b) its basically a free ship and doesn’t even show up on a KB, and c) it draws aggro like moths to a flame. Typically named “Reaper of Doom” or “Dont Fear the Reaper”.

Rifter – I probably have about 9 of these fitted up all over the place. The day-to-day flipping/pvp fits all get named “Failsauce I”, Failsauce II”, etc, etc. Usually by the time I get to “Failsauce V” I just start renaming them starting with I ;). One that I’ve saved just for pure nostalgia is from a WH-crashing op back in the day with Paul Clavet FCing. We changed the name of every ship in our gang to “THERE R 4 LIGHTS” and even got props in local from those we were pillaging.

Trasher – I really don’t fly these as much as I’d like to. A few months ago though, in the spirit of the holidays, Suddenly Ninjas took it upon ourselves to hold a contest of suicide ganking Zephyrs, CCP’s Christmas present to us all. My alpha-gank fit Thrashers were named either “The Grinch” or “Lump of Coal”.

Rupture – for now-forgotten reasons, they always seem to get named “Chubby Bunny”. Go ahead, say it outloud. Its funny. I also have one fit for armor remote rep with my terrible, terrible RR skills that’s only been used once with little to no success, named “Ghetto Superstar”.

Hurricane – the one I use for pvp/ganking is named “Failtrain” (noticing an “aim low” trend here?). My favorite cane name I had was one I used when a few of us decided to suicide-gank an untanked Orca in high-sec, named “Cpt. Ahab”.

Manticore – named during a particularly dull and grinding WH POS bashing op, while trying to come up with “this is more fun than…” lines on voice coms. The resulting name that stuck for my Manticore (props to JordanParey): “Bag-O-Dicks”.

Raven – I have since stopped flying Ravens since I seem to have this propensity for dying horribly in shield-tanked ships. When I did, I used them for ganking mission runners, and for the purpose of d-scan hijinx, named it “Aiden Mourn’s Vigil”.

I’ve been putting together a Tempest for ganking, so if anyone has any clever suggestions for a “nom de ganque”, let me know.



~ by Aiden Mourn on April 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Jumping On the Meme Wagon”

  1. Call the Tempest “Sticks and Stones”.

  2. I name my ships after a smaller ship as well. Kinda god miffed recently though. I took what what I thought was a rifter to suicide a pod. Turned out Rana Marrello’s Rifter was my prized Wolf. Ohh well.

  3. Good work witht he hanger. As promised I made an HOMAGE to my favorite “loot stealing scumbag ninja” today on my own blog.


    Now go out there and get some more tears!

  4. How’s about getting in touch with your literary side there Boss? Name it Prospero and hand out nom nom Cookies to any Mission Runner wise enough to make the connection. Or, if you’re feeling saucy, everyone knows the Tempest as the Pest so what’s more “pestastic” than the Cockroach?

    I’ve always used WWII aircraft, but I think in the future, some of my stealthier ninjer ships need D Scan-busting nom de guerre.

  5. How about “No Result From Directional Scan?” Probably won’t fit in the name-field, though 😦 but still worth a try.

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