Getting Emo in Emol

I’ve been trying my luck at bear-hunting outside of Dodixie and Fricoure in Emolgran. Historically (ninja history that is), Emol is the El Dorado of mission running systems. Fellow ninja Meccros spent months down here laying complete waste to the local fuzzy population, who seem to favor faction and officer mods on their mission ships, and also seem to favor shooting at ninjas. Bad combination.

However, I’m beginning to think that “laying waste” is exactly what Meccros did down here (/emote stands and cheers’ Mec). Local populace is barely above 100 and I’ve hardly seen a single mission being run solo, and even the gangs won’t shoot at you!

So, three days after bringing my new Tempest down here for some fun, I’ve hardly found a single unwilling playmate. I did have a Drake shoot at my salvager and just sit in the mission, but I got cocky and brought in the Cane rather than the Tempest, and was amazed by this guys INSANELY unbreakable tank. Two med neuts, a full rack of 220mm II’s, a full flight of warrior II’s, and a gang-linked armor bonus and I STILL had to warp out at 10% armor left with his shields holding steady at 25% left 😦 . Hats off amigo, I’m impressed.

However, seeing as Emol is NOT Dodixie, you still get the full load of “local whines” about ninjas, which can be so very tasty. After finding this guy’s mission, I poked around a few wrecks to find literally almost nothing of any worth at all. He decided to start setting the wrecks blue anyways, and then got whiny when I wouldn’t take his terrible loot off his hands. Honestly, we’re salvagers, not scavengers. I decided to keep hounding him in hopes getting a chance to remove his Maelstrom out from under him.

Farworth > Take them you bloody peasant!
Farworth > Go figure, I get scanned out on my mission here and he won’t take my loot regardless…
Farworth > I mean, I gave it to him!

Aiden Mourn > Im comin back dont worry cupcake
GhostKiller1 > thats because your lewtz are substandard
GhostKiller1 > lewtz even

William Reace > lol.
Aiden Mourn > actually yes, they were pretty shitty lewtz
Farworth > well piss off then.  If my wrecks aren’t good enough for you to steal
Farworth > Goddamn gypsy

Aiden Mourn > Farworth, your wrecks really *weren’t* good enough
Aiden Mourn > but if it’ll make you feel better
Aiden Mourn > ill come pretend to steal some of them, k?

Farworth > No it won’t
Aiden Mourn > poo poo, don’t cry cupcake
Farworth > COme here and self destruct something pretty.  I’ll be happy then
GhostKiller1 > /emote hand his hankerchief
Farworth > I hate killing serpentis…
Farworth > stupid fking ewar

Aiden Mourn > maybe if you weren’t terrible at it
Aiden Mourn > I’ve been gone for 10 minutes, have you killed anything at all since then?

Farworth > Oh sod off you little pleb
Farworth > I’m used to angels.

Aiden Mourn > *sniffle*
Farworth > hehe, are they shooting at you?
Aiden Mourn > yeah, those BS rats 50km are doing MAX damage to my noob ship farworth
Farworth > Imma laugh if they pop you
Aiden Mourn > ill be crushed
Farworth > I’m sure
Aiden Mourn > without my noob ship, ill have to start from square one all over again
Aiden Mourn > =(

Farworth > How do you even make money at this?
Aiden Mourn > how do YOU make money at this? You’re terrible!
Aiden Mourn > also i collect your little wimpers in a jar
Aiden Mourn > please….keep going

Farworth > Oh come on now, this isn’t even good crying.  I’m sure there’s better out there.
Aiden Mourn > farworth, there are *way* better tears out there
Aiden Mourn > you’re pretty lackluster all around
Aiden Mourn > =(

William Reace > /emote fell out of his chair laughing. it took a lil to get back in it.
Farworth > I always thought I was pretty decent for being a prick.
Aiden Mourn > it needs work
Aiden Mourn > but i see potential in you

So Emol is a little slower than what I’m used to, but I’m gonna keep riding this Emo-train till I get something good.

Oh, and it would appear Suddenly Ninjas has hit New York City. Taken this morning in the lower east side:

Notice the empty lot where the building WAS before it was ninjaed ;).



~ by Aiden Mourn on April 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Getting Emo in Emol”

  1. Who said the Matrix is not real? CCP’s coding is starting to leak out!

  2. Oh god not YANSB, Yet another ninja salvager blog, what do they come free with Cheerios now?

  3. Oh no Aiden, I think you have the same comment troll that I had for a bit…anonymous poster talking about ‘another’ salvaging blog…when we are some of the older ones 😀 lol

    real life tears are better than in game tears “D

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