Political Scientist

[ 2010.03.24 02:39:27 ] Mynxee > i might be developing a crush on you
[ 2010.03.24 02:39:32 ] Aiden Mourn > lol
[ 2010.03.24 02:39:33 ] Mynxee > despite our age difference

Voting is now open for the CSM 5 elections, and for more reasons than the obvious above example, I’ve thrown my <insert secret number of accounts> votes in with Mynxee.

Why? To cut to the quick, because she’s spent over 3 years experiencing and exploring this game from what I like to call “the other side of things”, and I think her sheer breadth of experience in this game would be both impressive and invaluable as a CSM delegate.

There are those of us who play this game to do just that; play a game. We look at things like mission grinding as a masochistic and tail-chasing endeavor, we view mining asteroids as a complete waste of free time, and we generally shun the play-style of those we (sometimes lovingly) refer to as carebears.

Are we all then griefers, or pirates, or ninjas? Sometimes, of course, but the larger generalization would be that we simple like to seek out all the angles and hidden facets of this fantastic virtual universe we call Eve. The short and narrow might be the quickest way to high NPC corp standings and LP rewards, but for us,  the scenic route is more fun.

It’s my opinion that Mynxee champions that outlook on Eve; that without the bad guys and the bullies, this game would lose a lot of what makes it so complex and riveting. Her proposed revamps of the broken and redundant UI in the game is something I can whole-heartedly get behind and the ideas she has for re-balancing neutral RR, ECM, and blob-fighting are fantastic.

“But Aiden, you’re more of an asshole, scammer, and underhanded prick than you are pirate, why aren’t you going for Manalapan?”

I’ve got nothing but complete and utter respect and admiration for Manalapan for the DBANK scam he pulled off; truly INCREDIBLE work on his part. Those who got scammed I know have had a few things to say about his run for CSM (Manasi, you’ve got one of my favorite blogs, but shit happens), but welcome to Eve folks, stop trusting people. I would honestly like to see Manalapan run again next term with a more concerted effort on an actual campaign. Sure, I agree with his stance that without the scammers and greifers we’d be “playing WoW in space” but beyond that I was never sure what his actual platform was.

Whatever your outlook or play-style is in Eve is, I encourage you to GO VOTE in the CSM elections. Variety and different ideas are what make this game, and I’ve always thought the CSM should be a well-rounded cross-section of the players of Eve, so no matter what your ideals or goals are in this game, go make your vote count.

I have complete confidence in Mynxee that as a CSM delegate, she will use her completely undeniable love for this game wisely to make the changes that will benefit you as a player no matter your play-style.



Side note: I’d also like to encourage you to vote for fellow Blog Pack member Mike Azariah. He’s got some great campaign ideas even if they don’t align as well with my own ideas as Mynxee’s, but then again that’s just me. Check him out.

post title lifted from Ryan Adams

~ by Aiden Mourn on May 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Political Scientist”

  1. Aha! I knew that harmless flirting would pay off someday! In all internet-spaceships-seriousness, though, thanks very much for your support and for your humbling endorsement! EVE is woven from many threads–their intersections are what make it interesting. My goal is to represent my platform and supporters’ interests in ways that optimize those intersections and add to the dynamism of the game.

  2. Mynxee needs allies (like me); she can’t do it all alone, especially if the large alliance affiliates take over.

  3. Confirming votes for Mynxee!

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