Congratulations to Our Two New Directors

Recently in SN, there have been two major post in the Directorship that have been left effectively vacant that I knew needed filling.

The first is the post of Recruitment Director. Our beloved Cyberin is on another quasi-hiatus from Eve as he tackles a fair amount of RL work duties. No, he’s not quitting Eve, and no, you can’t have his stuff ;). I stand by the opinion that RL always comes first when it comes to internet spaceships, but the result was a seriously growing backlog of unanswered applications to SN from prospective new members, and it was becoming a bit of an issue. Sure, any of us in the management of the corp can do the requisite full-API background check on possible new recruits that we require, but I prefer to have one dedicated person going through other peoples sensitive information and making the call as to whether or not they’re Ninja material or not.

At his own request, Cyberin has stepped down from his post as a Director, although he is staying in corp (no, seriously, you can’t have his stuff). What I needed now was someone I could trust, someone with the time and dedication, and someone with the drive to help out the corp at a higher level of responsibility.

I’m pleased to announce that Jordan Parey has accepted my offer and has stepped up into his new role as our new Director of Recruitment. Suddenly Ninjas recruitment is back open for business, and any questions concerning so should be directed to either myself or JordanParey in-game.

The second position that needed to be filled was one that I consider to be of utmost importance to our corp; that of the Director of Salvage Operations.

Since I became CEO, this post has been effectively left vacant, as I really can’t do both jobs and still keep my brain from exploding within my head. A replacement was desperately needed, because after all, salvaging, if you haven’t picked up on it, is sort of a big part of our gig here at SN. So, having someone who can effectively coordinate, run, and mediate this motley crew in dedicated and semi-regular salvage ops is of utmost importance.

The position itself has a pretty heavy history of former and current Ninjas filling it; Velocity Prime, Paul Clavet, Khalia Nestune, and myself have all held the post (good lord I’m shameless). Again, I not only needed someone who I could trust, but someone who exhibited the dedicated mindset, the wits, the brains, and the sneakiness of a finely-tuned Ninja.

After a few weeks repairing his dwindling sec status, I’m happy to announce that Zavulon Sukkot has accepted the responsibility of becoming our new Director of Salvage Operations. Zav has the drive, the experience, and an uncanny knowledge of all things mission-running-related that I feel make him a “carebear gone bad” secret weapon in our shadow-war against rampant furry carebearishness across New Eden.

Congratulations to you both gentleman, I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to help lead this slippery collective of scum and villainy.



~ by Aiden Mourn on May 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Congratulations to Our Two New Directors”

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  2. Both Jordan and Zav are pilots I’ve flown with and know to be competent. I can’t think of better choices for the positions and wish the two new directors all the best. Now get to work!

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