Dev Love

Its no secret…CCP loves them some Suddenly Ninjas. From laying the smack-down on EVE-O C&P forum whines, to taming a raging bear-rant in the Missions section, the Dev team at CCP seems to truly enjoy slipping in some ninja salvaging-love, appreciation, and support whenever they can; sometimes subtly, and sometimes very not so subtly.

After a prospective SN recruit asks for ninja salvaging advice in the New Citizens Q&A forum section, CCP Navigator drops a little free SN shout-out 😉 . For your reading pleasure and edification, I present: brand new Dev-love. Thanks Nav!

Posted – 2010.05.26 11:36:00

There is a Corporation who are devoted to ninja salvaging called Suddenly Ninjas, if I recall correctly

For further reading pleasure and educational benefit, I present to you the full list of past Dev and GM shoutouts, name drops, love, and support for Suddenly Ninjas and it ninja salvaging community.

You, carebear….yes, you. Taste that? That, sir, is the bitter, bitter taste of you being wrong. Enjoy.

A bit of a link-rampage there, but I just had so much Ninja love, I had to share. And again, thanks to CCP Navigator for the shout-out. Keep on keepin on, sir.

Oh and before I forget, a HUGE congratulations to Mynxee for sweeping the CSM election and being voted Chairwoman of the CSM5! Congrats! (I believe Iceland sells t-shirts, and I further believe you should get me one 😛 )



~ by Aiden Mourn on May 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dev Love”

  1. This is going right in my bio, where all the carebears can read it.

  2. LOLOL Thanks for the shout-out! You should see the list of “bring me” requests I have accumulated in two days…you all better hope I win the lottery before I go there, if you’re to have any chance of getting presents LOL…you might just have to settle for the fireworks display once CSM5 starts flexing its stakeholder muscles. It’ll probably be visible around the world. *winks*

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