"New Tyrannis Mission Systems" Or "Why You're Still Going To Get Your Loot Jacked By Ninjas"

So Tyrannis is upon us, and while the rest of you have been scrambling to figure out how to conquer and pillage those shiny new planets, we here at SN have been hard at work thinking of ways to exploit and steal from people on a whole new planetary level. Exciting times we live in folks.

One of the biggest Tyrannis changes that we’ve noticed in our profession is the new “outsourcing” model mission agents seem to be using. Hoping to avoid giant cluster-mucks like Dodixie, Motsu, etc, CCP has had its agents start preferentially sourcing out mission to systems surrounding mission hubs. For instance, agents in Dodixie sending their mission-running minions to Aunia, and Fricoure agents sending out to Caretyn and Vittenyn.

How has this affected us? Not really negatively, but really just a change in our tactics that we’ve already begun to compensate for. After about a week, we’ve really started to nail down what systems surrounding the big hubs will reliably have a full stock of victims, er…mission runners.

So to those carebears out there who thought that by cleverly moving one whole jump out from Dodixie they would finally be rid of ninjas, I regret to inform you that we are way ahead of you ;).

Fellow ninja Solomar has an outstanding write-up about these new changes on his recently minted new blog, so rather than me giving you a hacked-out, cliff-notes version of it, I’d highly recommend that you go read his full write up instead.



~ by Aiden Mourn on June 6, 2010.

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