Catch Up

Sometimes I can be a real work-aholic, which believe me, surprises even myself sometimes. The past couple weeks I’ve been taking on a ton of RL work because a) money is always nice to have in plentiful supply, and b) I’ve been trying to get together a (better) professional portfolio to show off.

So as it tends to be with RL-responsibilities, Eve’s taken a bit of a backseat these past few weeks. Rixx Javix over at Evoganda recently wrote about the ebb and flow of playing Eve, and while he was describing one’s interest waxing and wanning in Eve, it struck me that the same ebb and flow can definitely be applied to out-of-game time constraints as well.

While I haven’t been ripping up the killboard, I have strangely enough been reliable poaching myself at least one furry bear hide every time I do log in, which is always fun. Having a limited amount of playtime, at least for me, makes me bolder, quicker on the attack, and quite possibly just downright reckless in my pursuit of a gank.

I’ve also been “experimenting” with somewhat out-of-the-box gank ideas, to pretty varied rates of success. For instance, my gank-Lachesis idea with a 90km point range? Hell yeah! Sounds pretty good at first, except for the teeny little issue of actually being able to break a BS tank in a Lachesis. Hmm…suppose you could just pin someone orbit at 70km, and walk away for 3 hours…

There’s a few other odd-ball fits and ideas that I might get into later, but for the sake of the project, they’re under wraps for now.


Despite the work-load, I was able to tune in or at least watch the vids later of both weekends of AT8 so far, which have been incredible. Watching that Circle of Two pilot claw his way back from structure in a 30bil isk Freki frig while laying some serious pew down a 4bil isk Bhaalgorn? That, ladies and gentleman, is balls-out entertainment.

It was great to see a couple fellow bloggers fighting for the Tusker-Bastards (Arrhidaeus, Flashfresh), and I’ve gotta say, awesome fights guys. There was also some pretty big Suddenly Ninjas Alumi-pride for ex-Ninja GreenYoshi who now flies for NOIR. Nice work sir.

I’ve found myself scanning the names of pilots I see in the AT to see if I know of any of them, and oddly enough, one actually stuck out. Took me a while, but I seem to remember losing a Hurricane (I think I remember this because I RARELY have ever lost a cane), in 0.0 (thats right, ninjas in 0.0!), to JirikAS of THE RONIN and his buddy in a Proteus about 9months ago. So while it was awesome to see RONIN kick so much ass in that fight, JirikAS, it was strangely satisfying to watch you go down in flaming pile of Purifier. No hard feelings ;).

So thats where I’ve been at the past few weeks. Expect some much more thought-out blog posts coming soon, including the token semi-regular “Ninja Ca$h Money Kill$” (here’s a teaser).

Till then, keep em crying.



~ by Aiden Mourn on June 17, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for watching the match. Let me know if you ever find another unanchoring tower; I haven’t forgotten the ways of the ninja!

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