A Moment of Silence

A few days ago, in a blaze of dazzling heroics, I lost my trusty gank-Hurricane, “Fail-Train” to a mixture of crafty mission-runners and my own heedlessness.

As I’ve said before, what I do in Eve really can’t be labeled “PvP”; it’s sneaky, underhanded assault and battery on an unsuspecting victim. Ganking mission runners isn’t about your skills or prowess as a pvper, its about using the mission runner’s anger and frustration against them and then trapping them in a “pvp” situation they are neither expecting or prepared for.

However, the big piece of the puzzle that this strategy relies on is surprise. The general rule of thumb is, once they know you’re coming, there’s the possibility of bringing in reinforcements, bringing a scram/disruptor or even a real pvp ship, and generally disrupting your plans to blow them into space dust.

The other day, I got cocky. I was hungry for a kill, and ignored a.) one of the three mission runners warping out to obviously fit a point, and b.) the amount of damage coming my way from the 3rd mission runner in a sniping Apoc 60km away from me. I couldn’t get the Orca in to swap out in time, and sadly watched as Fail-Train fell in a blaze of glory.

Hats off to the guys from the ATO Corporation for using your heads and playing that one extremely well. I got cocky, you guys got smart, and the day is yours.

Fail-Train served me well, racking up over 20 battleship kills, 22 battlecruisers, a Kronos, a Huginn, an Onyx, and a Vulture, amongst others. But you can’t  win em all, so light a little candle for the fallen bear-slayer, and know that Fail-Train II is ready for vengeance.



~ by Aiden Mourn on June 30, 2010.

One Response to “A Moment of Silence”

  1. Its always sad to lose a ship that has served you faithfully for so long *hats off*

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