Comings and Goings and Happenings

Its funny how things change as you grow up. Remember when you were a kid and summer-time meant a complete absence of anything even slightly resembling responsibilities? Exactly. Now how come no one ever told me that by the time you’re 26, that ideal is completely turned upside down? I feel like a firm but well-intended lesson in the the notion of “semi-permanence” concerning the future of my carefree summers at the age of say, 10, may have gone a long way. Folks, don’t let your children grow up without this knowledge of the impending doom of their free time. Personally, I recommend and endorse the following product:


Comings and Goings:

As it happens in the ever-changing and expanding world of Eve, sometimes people need change from routine and seek new horizons and new paths to explore. July sadly saw the departure of a couple of our top-notch ninjas who felt that urge to explore something new.

Llyan, Meccros, Wee Girl, Bel’Sham, Lars Foolsbane, and relative new-comer Arden Elenduil have made names for themselves in Eve as fearsome and well-versed members of Suddenly Ninjas and its a truly sad thing to see them leave. Flying with you gentlemen has been an honor and a whole lot of fun, and I wish all of you the very best in your travels and adventures.

Recruitment numbers are way up though, and we’ve seen a steady stream of eager new shinobi ready to take the plunge into the intricate and high-stress (read: fairly simple and enjoyably laid-back) world of high-sec mission-griefing and ninjaing.



Velocity Prime, intrepid ninja-warrior, fearsome blogger, and my old boss, has started a new corp, and they’re looking for a few good men. Misfit Toys is recruiting like-minded pvpers, ass-hats, villians, bastards, and miscreants for fun, adventure, and hardly-masked homo-erotica (hah!), so check out VP’s blog for more info.

A huge, huge round of applause to those brave and danger-flirting ner-do-wells and overall douchebags who selflessly burned their security status into the ground in the name of Hulkageddon III, which has just wrapped up. So far the tally rests at 1719 exhumers, 717 barges, 29 orcas and 1 rorqual with a staggering damage estimate at over 288 billion isk!

Prizes are still being distributed, and the TEARS panel is still deliberating, but so far the over-all hands down winner of HGIII looks to be a certain Sir Phil Macmannon. I don’t know who this God amongst men is or what pool of nuclear mutant powers and giant cahones he crawled out of, but this destroyer of worlds single-handedly won the individual and corp prizes, as well as ALL FOUR regional prizes.

In addition to the harem of virgins and endless supply of cigars and fine cognac that is I’m sure awaiting him in the afterlife, Phil is enjoying his prize pool of (get ready for it): 6 billion ISK, 1 revelation, 1 naglfar with skillbooks, 2 panthers, 1 gila, 1 cynabal, 1 faction fit Bhaalgorn, 1 firetail, 1 ishtar, 1 phobos, a navy dominix and an exclusive hulkageddon t-shirt, courtesy of Azishkr’elhykai Mizamel. Sir Phil, I think I speak for all of us here at TEARS when I say, “you just won Eve”. Congratulations.

And lastly, we’re at War! It seems war-deccing TEARS is the new black in the world of “has-been but sort of trying to get back on their feet” merc-corps, with The 0rphange setting their sights on your favorite ninja-salvagers this time. With the exception of a few slightly embarrassing “woopsie” losses (the “I’ve-been-out-of-game-for-2-months-and-decided-to-undock-for-a-Jita-run-in-a-fully-loaded-hauler-during-war” type of woopsie), we haven’t lost much more than a couple of throw-away frigates and cruisers. Remember kids, deccing ninjas is about as fun pewing large POSs. We’re like the mining-op of pvp-experiences.

And that, I believe, wraps up this poorly laid-out, ad-hoc, al-la-carte type post. I’m happy to report that I’ve been working like a mad person trying to get caught up with work after my vacation so I should be back in game more often soon. Belay that; new edit: “Back in game more often soon flying my new Sleipnir, Loki, AND Gaurdian (alt)“. Giggidy.



~ by Aiden Mourn on July 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Comings and Goings and Happenings”

  1. Here’s hoping the war ends swiftly and recruiting can resume for the Ninjas.

  2. Thanks for the mention, good sir. You’re top notch in my book.


  3. I am just happy my whoopsies are costing me less each time. And a sleipnir! I am in envy good sir.

  4. whoops, posted my reply on the wrong blog post ^^’

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