The Ninja Blog Pack

In catching up on a bunch of Eve-blogs, I’ve noticed that more than a few other Eve Blog Pack writers have been touting their fellow corpmates’ blogs, and with good reason. The Bastards and The Python Cartel have more fantastic bloggers than a pirates got booty, and Astral from Astral’s Eve Trial By Fire has a ton of links to fellow White Rabbits with blogs multiplying like, well, rabbits.

So in saying that, I feel like I should direct your attention to the right (painstakingly copied below for you fellow Capsuleer users) at the (hopefully?) current and up-to-date Ninja Blog Pack. With a whopping 25 active ninja blogs, TWENTY are current members of TEARS, including one entirely in German (mmm …. Deutsch Tränen gehen gut mit Bier).

Some you may be familiar with, and some might be new reads, but all of these are some seriously talented blogs that I highly recommend adding to your own reading lists for that extra dosage of ninja fun, shenanigans, and sweet delicious bear tears.

Ninja Blog Pack:

If you’ve got an Eve ninja-salvaging related blog and I’ve missed you, please drop me a line and let me know and I’d love to add you to the list. Happy reading (*yoink*, there goes your free time tonight 😉 )





I just want to say a very special thank you to Crazy Kinux for linking this new project on his blog. The original post will remain below, but new Ninja Blogs will be updated and added to the list as they come to my attention. Thanks for all the support so far; hope you enjoy the smorgasbord of tears.



UPDATE 3-1-11:

Ninja Blog Pack has been fully updated. Old blogs have been removed and some hilarious new ones added.


UPDATE 4-11-11

Flying Rust by Qintes added to the pack. Check him out!

~ by Aiden Mourn on August 3, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Ninja Blog Pack”

  1. Can I add yet another Bastard to your blog list? (link attached to this comment)

    Also, I have much love for ninja salvagers and looters. If I weren’t a full-time pirate, I’d definitely be a tears extractor as my next choice of career. From time to time I roll a trial account and go ninja salvaging in Dodixie, and it’s always an absolute riot.

  2. Love the idea! Will be adding it to my blogroll! Please email me directly whenever you make changes so that I can write a little something on my blog!

  3. Just started the ninja lifestyle yesterday 🙂

  4. Thanks!! I’ll add this list to my site too!

    -Gil ( )

  5. Nice Idea Aiden. I’ll add them to mine later.

  6. the page for suddenly. blog is broken. no idewa who i to contact about it but hopefully they read this, or someoen who can inform them does.

    it also seems that several links are not working. might want to check them (for suddenly, blog the actual site shows some mumbo jumbo about the pagers owners not having uploaded anything or something)

  7. […] I’ve made some changes to Official (™) Ninja Blog Pack, which is also currently up-to-date to the right. To recap, I created the Ninja Blog Pack as a way […]

  8. Aiden, please add me to this list of awesomeness.

    Flying Rust –

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