PerPLEXing Behavior

A few days ago, in some miraculous alignment of the stars, karma, and pure comedy, a certain aystra cemented his place in the annals of Eve by managing to lose 74 PLEXs at once while trying to move them all together out of Jita. With the recent changes to PLEX, something hilarious like this had to happen at some point sooner or later, but seeing it at this scale is absolutely mind-blowing. Current in-game prices have PLEX trading at around 320 mil each, making this a loss in the range of 23 billion isk.

Lets just all take a moment and collectively say in our most humble gamer-lingo what we’re all thinking: “lolz”.

While I would normally be more than content to sit back, sip a cocktail, and enjoy the sweet and tangy tears flowing freely, the sheer amount of ridiculous feedback on this one makes me feel compelled to respond.

The biggest complainers (those fun-hating naysayers, downers, and general party-poopers) have essentially said that in allowing aystra to lose his 23bil isk ($1,200, or six years of game time!) without compensation or reimbursement, CCP have in fact been paid for a service they did not in any way actually provide. This is definitely a debatable point, but take into account the game we’re talking about here. Eve is the cruel bitch-mistress of the MMO world; the place where literally years worth of time and effort can be lost or taken in moments. So, fun-haters, I see your pseudo-point and raise you one “welcome to Eve”.

You can cry all you want about broken game mechanics and CCP greed (no really, keep crying), but this ultimately comes down to pure, unbridled stupidity. Go ahead and ask yourself what state of complete brain disconnection you’d have to be in to undock 23 billion isk in an untanked frigate. In Jita. WHILE AT WAR. Exactly. I’m honestly having trouble coming up with a dumber move.

Of course, this highly amusing turn of events also begs a larger question: are PLEX worth more than simply the 320mil or so isk they trade for in game? Well, yes and no.

In theory, no, PLEX are in-game items that may be bought or sold or lost like any other. You can at any point turn that PLEX (like for instance a piece of faction loot) into isk, which in turn can buy you a shiny new ship, which you can of course, lose. The one distinction that PLEX have over other items is that whatever state the market is in, you can be sure that they are ALWAYS good for one thing: 30 days of paid game-time.

However, at some point, someone, somewhere, payed actual money for this “game item”, beyond their basic monthly subscription. So yes, in allowing PLEX to become a trade-able, move-able item, CCP has in fact created a middle zone, a gray area of “RL worth”. This makes getting a PLEX blown out of your ship, theoretically, a RL monetary hit. $14.95 is a 1/2 tank of gas, a new record, or a bus ticket to see a friend, and the fact that CCP has just opened the floodgates for people of extreme stupidity to actually lose real life money in a game is in my opinion, totally awesome.

Obviously, to a certain degree, I’m a little biased. I’m inclined to see gigantic losses in this game due to stupidity as highly entertaining. It’s my nature, and its the nature of the way I play this game. Also, PLEX have no real bearing on my game as I don’t use them at all. Beyond my monthly subscription, I see no reason to spend real money on in-game currencies, and as an adult with a full-time job (well, two actually), $15 a month for each of my accounts isn’t really bank breaking, and I would much rather sit on large piles of ill-begotten isk than spend it on game time.

So let the tears flow I say! “Broken game mechanic”? “Receiving payment for services NOT rendered”? Please. CCP, I thank and tip my cap to you for imposing the most hilarious Darwin-threshold on a game that I’ve ever even heard of. Bravo.



p.s. pardon the post title, it was just too obvious a pun to ignore 😉

~ by Aiden Mourn on August 12, 2010.

9 Responses to “PerPLEXing Behavior”

  1. The chief problem I think is not the change in Plexes, but that 74 plexes were in cargo and NOT ONE DROPPED. CCP needs to answer for this–is the drop percentage for plexes different than other items?

    • @Nathan, I thought about that too. I have seen a tendency in grouped items to either mostly all drop or mostly all be destroyed in a wreck. Seeing 74 items all popped without even a small percentage dropping is a little odd though, you’re right.

  2. As I recall, there was no drop because the guys who popped the ship destroyed the wreck to keep other scavengers from getting the loots.

  3. “The biggest complainers (those fun-hating naysayers, downers, and general party-poopers) have essentially said that in allowing aystra to lose his 23bil isk ($1,200, or six years of game time!) without compensation or reimbursement, CCP have in fact been paid for a service they did not in any way actually provide.”

    I’m a newer player (since March), and haven’t done any PvP yet (because I would probably get smoked a lot, and don’t make enough ISK to constantly replace ships). Anyway, if I bring $1000 to a [place where gambling occurs, rhymes with “Encino”], and blow it on one roll of the dice, it’s my own fault for taking that risk. CCP has been *very clear* about what happens if you take PLEX out of a station: it was in the login screen for quite a while.

    The guy who got popped did something stupid. Whoever paid for the PLEX got what they paid for: the opportunity to extend their subscription for a month, or ~300m ISK. This guy took a risk (one that has been very well publicized) and *lost*. It’s that simple.

  4. EVERY stack of items in cargo have 50% survivability chance. If that guy had them all stacked, they count as ONE item and have that 50% chance. If he had them in 74… Well, that would be hilarious to see 30+ plexes drop.

  5. Is it really so much of a difference if I
    -buy a PLEX, put in in my cargo bay, and get blown up


    -buy a PLEX, sell it for isk, buy 2x Republic Fleet Warp Disruptors, put them in my cargo bay, and get blown up?

    Maybe this guy didn’t buy all those PLEX for RL money but traded them on the marked? That way those who payed RL money gor their isk, and this poor sod paid isk for ingame items and lost them.

    • @Hypcent: Thaaaats what I was thinking of. Correct, a stack of items reads as one item.

      @Mord Fiddle: I’ve heard mixed reports on that, but the KM lists the PLEX as not dropping at all so I’m going with that one.

      @Scop: Definitely plausible. What I was getting at was that at SOME point, real currency was spent on the PLEX, and that’s what I find hilarious about the idea of people losing them in combat situations. Who knows if aystra spent 1,200 U.S. dollars or 22 billion EVE isk, but either way, its still a staggering loss and makes for some interesting “worth” discussions.

  6. Heh, it’s hilarious indeed and I also think this discussion is interesting. However, in my opinion those who blame CCP for this overact a bit. I love the tears though! =)

  7. More people lose more money in Vegas every day. You accept the rules of the game – and you win and lose by them – no matter how smart or stupid you are.

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