Trophy Kill & The Demolition of Industrial Laser Mining Corp

In hoping around the Heimetar region yesterday, I decided to make a pit stop in Illinfrik, home to TEARS corp Sect Or, and a place I haven’t stopped in to in a while.

My first scan of Illinfrik got me a couple of hits, including a very, very tasty looking Armageddon Navy Issue. My eyes lit up. Warping into the ANI’s gate-less mission, I found he was running it with a Rokh and Drake, all three from the same corp. Ignoring caution, I immediately set about looting and salvage at will in my rupture. All three immediately locked me up, but sadly no shots were fired. So, I decided to poke around a bit more, orbiting, bumping, and generally harassing them, before moving on.

I popped around to a few more hits, but I just kept coming back to the ILM guys because that Navy Geddon was such a tempting target. There’s one goal that’s been eluding me in Eve, which is to take down a faction battleship. I’ve had a couple “almosts” (including an officer fit nightmare that somehow while fighting I manged to desync from and find myself at his optimal =/ ), but never a solid faction-shiny kill. Industrial Laser Mining, however, was about to change that for me.

Finally, after about the 4th time party-crashing their mission…success! Amazingly, the Navy Geddon was the first one to go red, and I immediately pointed him and started laying down the pew. Of course, soon after both the Drake and the Rokh went red too, and although pretty far away from me, sent their drones out. I had both my medium armor reppers going full steam but I soon realized there was just no way a single cruiser was going to take out 2 battleships and a Drake. Luckily, no one in this party had fitted any points, so I recalled drones and bailed.

Through the whole thing though, I’d been talking to Sarkor Nafaar, Sect Or’s CEO, and he pipped up that he had an alt handy with an Onieros. Perfect. I immediately repped up and headed back to the mission.

Quite surprisingly actually, they were ALL still there, including the Navy Geddon. Calm and composed, I very cooly asked for armor rep assistance:

Aiden Mourn > bring on the rr and warp to me
Aiden Mourn > now
Aiden Mourn > now
Aiden Mourn > nownownow?
Aiden Mourn > naaaooww?
Aiden Mourn > prease?

Sarkor Nafaar > otw
BM Dublyoo > lol, i’m otw too more for moral support

You see? Cool as a freaking cucumber sometimes. Just call me Paul Newman.

BM Dublyoo decided to come along too seeing as he was in the area, with a Cyclone fitted out with 1 shield transfer, purely for aggro-grabbing assistance. As I pointed the ANI, Sarkor’s alt in an Onieros, Sarkor himself in a RR Phoon, and BM with the shield transfer of doom all landed and started reps on my little Rupture; really completely overkill in the rr department, but hilarious.

I was pounding on the ANI but it became apparent soon that there was no way I was going to crack his tank with my DPS. Suddenly though, BM started getting shot at by the Rokh, who he quickly locked up. I kept point on the ANI but sent my drones to assist and two of us made surprisingly short work of the Rokh (was that tank even on?).

For some reason, the Drake was still around, doing absolutely no damage to me, and in no way assisting his friend. Sgi, the ANI pilot, decided he would take matters into his own hands however, and somehow decided that shooting BM’s Cyclone was the next step in liberating himself from the situation, which only resulted in BM now shooting him as well.

Tears started to flow in local:

Sgi > come on guys  I gotta go to work
Sgi > can we pick this up later

Sounds legit to me, right? I opened a convo to see about getting some cash out of this pressed-for-time bear:

Sgi > can we pick this up later I have to go to work
Aiden Mourn > i guess we could work something out
Aiden Mourn > like you turning off your reppers and making this go faster

Sgi > lets do somethin you guys can have the salvage I gotta bolt
Aiden Mourn > hmm
Aiden Mourn > salvage
Aiden Mourn > or geddon navy issue
Aiden Mourn > tough chioce dude
Aiden Mourn > can I think about it?

Sgi > I can tank you guys all day , lets just  fight later , I gotta go
Aiden Mourn > ok cya
Sgi > I will tell my guys to back off  ok

Because they were such a boon to his defense “strategy”. Sgi continued to not get it, and kept offering to “let me” have his mission salvage :p .

Aiden Mourn > ok
Sgi > ok ?
Aiden Mourn > and then you either pay me
Aiden Mourn > or turn your reppers off
Aiden Mourn > I hate to tell you, buts thats the only way this is going to play out

Sgi > take the loot  , thats what started all this
Aiden Mourn > funny how things escalate
Aiden Mourn > the way i see it though, ANI loot is way better than pleasure hub loot
Aiden Mourn > agreed?

Sgi > yeah it is , just wanted to get a mi9ssion in before work , we dont want a war over this and you dont eather, not with my alliance

Uhoh….do I smell a dec-threat? Indeed! I could also begin to smell Sgi’s desperation due to his time-constraint, and I kept pressing him for isk.

Aiden Mourn > a terrifying thought to be sure
Aiden Mourn > for real though
Aiden Mourn > turn the reppers off

Sgi > notice I am not even firing on you
Aiden Mourn > and this will be over soon
Aiden Mourn > ok, youre ging to die here
Aiden Mourn > 450mil
Aiden Mourn > and that changes

Sgi continues to be obstinate though, and I decide on a new plan. Seeing as both BM and I had aggro on him at this point, I left BM to scram him while I warped out to change for bigger pew. Apparently I had a random, and very oddly fit nano-shield-kiting-sort-of Hurricane sitting in a station in Illinfrik, so I decided that would do and grabbed it. Returning with bigger boom-boom power, Sgi really started to melt, and the tears really started flowing:

Sgi > you kill this ship we go to war
Aiden Mourn > sounds like a deal

As Sgi’s tank slowly started to fail, he apparently decided it wasn’t failing fast enough and decided to shoot Sarkor’s RR Phoon. The ANI’s tank bombed at that point and a very shiny explosion ensued.

As Sarkor snagged the loot, BM and I both realized that the Drake pilot was STILL THERE, and proceeded to very quickly lock and dispatch him as well. I returned to my convo with Sgi for more tears:

Aiden Mourn > so….its a date then?
Aiden Mourn > =P

Sgi > oh yeah , the rest of the pvp alliance is going to have some fun with you guys
Aiden Mourn > should i bring something?
Aiden Mourn > wine?
Aiden Mourn > mich ultra?

Sgi > yes please
Aiden Mourn > awesome
Aiden Mourn > well, gf
Aiden Mourn > you actually did ok until you all started shooting everyone

Sgi > that was my best mission ship you know
Aiden Mourn > I would assume so
Aiden Mourn > was hoping for some better drops
Aiden Mourn > but it’ll do
Aiden Mourn >
Aiden Mourn > so when should i be expecting this wardec exactly?

Sgi > soon
Aiden Mourn > soon as in, “you’re on it right now”? or soon like “you really have no say in these types of matters but youre going to bitch and whine to your CEO and directors about deccing us”
Aiden Mourn > Cause I’ve gotta say, im leaning towards door number 2

Sgi > I have full rights , just talking to the other corps atm
Aiden Mourn > of course

To add complete and utter insult to injury, Orions Lord in corp chat pointed out that beyond the 1.14 billion isk loss on ILM’s part, it appears Sgi dropped his damsel in distress as well.

Aiden Mourn > so hey
Aiden Mourn > while we’re talking business
Sgi > ?
Aiden Mourn > would you like your damsel?
Aiden Mourn > =)
Aiden Mourn > she seems to have dropped when your big shiny expensive ship went poof

Sgi > keep it . dont act like that was easy . it took 3 of you to take me down


Aiden Mourn > well, it took 2
Aiden Mourn > the phoon was just overkill
Aiden Mourn > but anyways
Aiden Mourn > potatoes potahtoes  I guess.
Aiden Mourn > So…is that a no on the damsel?

Sgi > later I have to go to work
Aiden Mourn > have a super day!

So final tally for ILM stands at 1.14bil in losses (including my much sought-after faction BS trophy), a damsel in distress (and I’m assuming a failed mission now as well), a fail-threat, and a very nice bucket of delicious tears. Also its now been 24 hrs now, and I’m still waiting for that war-dec notification, so if anyone from ILM or Crimson Coalition Alliance is reading this, you might want to drop Sgi a line and see what the holdup is.

Much thanks to BM Dublyoo and Sarkor for the assistance and help. Remember kids, the best ship in eve is friendship (particularly the kind that come with Onieroses 😉 )



~ by Aiden Mourn on August 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Trophy Kill & The Demolition of Industrial Laser Mining Corp”

  1. Awesome story, and congrats on finally bagging a faction BS.
    I tip my hat to your tear-extracting skills.

  2. Killer Ruppy rampages in Illinfrik! News at 11pm.
    Squirmmed alitte at ~20% armor…eh, Aiden? Love my Oni pilot!

  3. Umm.. Wouldn’t that be “Oneri” 😉

    Great blog! Will definitely add it to my list

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