The Hilarious Solarius Lesson

The other night, a mixed group of enterprising fun-loving criminals from a collection of corps including Suddenly Ninjas, Honorless Internet Jerks, Ex Obscuritas, Alarm Clock Corp, and, pooled their collective talents and scheming to pull off one of the best high-sec suicide-ganks I’ve ever seen.


Solarius’s fully officer and faction-fit Paladin has been modestly priced at around 34 billion isk with around 20bil of that dropping as loot (eat your heart out PLEX-Kestral). For the full story on how this awesome-sauce got stirred, Arden Elenduil has a full write-up on his blog “Ninja Hijinx”.

The lesson here? Consequences to your actions. In this case, the action was flying around running missions in a ridiculously expensive ship, and the consequence was attracting a LOT of unwanted attention to your giant bulls-eye of a ship. This is not to say that the definite reaction to your action of flying a pricey ship is that you will get ganked; Eve is not a perfect physics equation. But what this does mean is that you are not anonymous in Eve; there are lots of other players out there, and more than a few of them will want to kill you. Give them enough of a reason or possible reward, and something like system security won’t stop them.

Cheers to the guys who pulled this one off; well-played sirs.


~ by Aiden Mourn on August 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Hilarious Solarius Lesson”

  1. Man, I saw that in the forums. Crime and Punishment IIRC.

    Awesome stuff.

    A bunch of other killmails were posted on that thread too. I think there was a Marauder killmail that was like 40 billion ISK?


  2. I’m the real Aiden – now f**k off you imposter

  3. […] story was much blogged about both here and elsewhere, and has just re-ignited discussion in the community with recent (albeit delayed) […]

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