The Bling Squad

Suicide ganking in Eve is nothing new; hell Goonswarm put themselves on the map with it, and Helicity’s Hulkageddon has grown exponentially bigger since its inception. As with many things in this game, its been done before, so the trick (again, as with many things) is to do it better.

About a month ago you might remember, a group of fun-loving-criminals from Suddenly Ninjas along with Honorless Internet Jerks, Ex Obscuritas,, and Alarm Clock Corp banded together in a cooperative suicide gank of a 30 billion isk, officer fit Paladin belonging to Solarius, CEO of Quantanamo Corporation.

The story was much blogged about both here and elsewhere, and has just re-ignited discussion in the community with recent (albeit delayed) headlining articles on both and the EVE ISD News concerning the gank.

Let me just say congratulations again to both the gentlemen from my corp and out of that planned and participated in this flawless victory over unbridled carebear greed and gluttony. Well played sirs.

Here’s where things get interesting though: since the two articles broke, I’ve had no less than 10 convos and evemails from players with serious intel on similarly absurdly and expensively fit ships that they’ve come across. Some had been doing a bit of ninjaing themselves and happened to have ship scanned an officer-fit Nightmare, another was a disgruntled ex-member of a corp who’s mission director was known to fly a chelm’s fitted Megathron Navy Issue.

All of this got me realizing that there was a niche market out there, and we at TEARS were more than set up and capable of catering to it.

So here it is: Suddenly Ninjas and the TEARS Alliance is looking for high-value targets. No, I don’t mean meta-4 guns or a Republic Fleet gyros, I’m talking officer or deadspace fitted, flying money-bags of ships with price-tags in at least the multi-billions. Intel on on a target that results in a TEARS gank will receive a 5% finders fee of all dropped loot. Let me rephrase that:

Should intel you provide to either myself or my directors result in TEARS destroying an ultra-high-value target, you will receive 5% of the monetary value of the drop.

So say you’ve been spotting a 10bil isk Kronos hanging around Dodxie. Being someone of fun-loviong, if not questionable motives, you pass the intel along to us. TEARS coordinates an attack which pops the Kronos resulting in a 7bil isk drop. Thats 700mil isk in your pocket, guaranteed.

What I’m looking for:

Bad: “hai i no this gaiy and hes sooperrich!”

Good: “***** is a director of the ***** corp, and missions out of ***** in an active tanked, officer fit Macherial fitted with the following modules: blah blah blah. He seems to be mostly active in west coast US tz”

So let it be know, the TEARS bling-squad is open for business, and high security space is about to get a whole lot less secure. Watch your backs.



~ by Aiden Mourn on October 12, 2010.

14 Responses to “The Bling Squad”

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  2. I for one am glad that I fly cheap ships!

  3. I think you need to check your math. 700 mil is 10% of 7bil. If your only paying 5% then it should be 350mil guaranteed. Since I just saved you 350 mil, I should get your 5% finders fee so 35 mil.

  4. You might want to check your math. 350 mil is still pretty good, though.

  5. Your maths a bit off Boss 😀 5% of 7bil is 350mil. 700mil would be a 10% cut. Might want to clarify whichever way you’re leaning ❤

  6. emmm, 5% of 7b ? 700 millions are you sure?

  7. I fucking love you

  8. Not to question your math skills too closely but 5% of 7 billion is 350 million isk … not 700 million. Though the guy providing you the information might not argue with you.

  9. Apparently I fail at math before my morning coffee. To clarify, the numbers are correct, its the percentage thats wrong. Let it stand for the record that the finders fee is a standard 10%. So, 7bil drop = 700mil isk. Also @KIllian, lol.

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