"Being Full of One’s Self Never Gets Boring Apparently"

Apparently, you’re right.

Todays post title is taken from a comment I received here the other day that was just too ambiguously snarky to pass up. In homage to this scathingly biting (yet anonymous) poster, I’ve decided to throw a little contest here on Finders & Keepers. I realized last night while ego-maniacally stroking my KB stats that my total isk destroyed during my tenure in Suddenly Ninjas now stands at 19.99 billion isk. Egads! Not bad for a guy who doesn’t shoot at dreads and capitals.

So! Who will be the lucky little bear that pushes that number over to 20 bil? Guess correctly, and you just might win 100mil isk!

To maximize participation and and chances of winning, the contest is broken into 3 parts: Guessing (or being the closest guess to) the date and time (EVE-time) will net you 50mil isk, the system will score you another 25mil, and guessing the victim’s ship (exact, not “battleship”) will pocket you another 25mil. OMGKEWL!

Contest is open to anyone, and obviously since I have no way of knowing unless obvious alt is obvious (MrArgie, Spuddles, I’m looking at you), guessing multiple ways with multiple alts is on the table, so knock yourselves out. Entries must be posted here in the comments of this post. Contest runs from the time of this posting until, well, I hit 20bil, at which point the contest is over, winner or not. I’ll be logging on in a few hours with my trigger finger itching, so get guessing!




P.S. Yesterday’s post concerning the Bling Squad had a misprint that 90 bazillion people and their grandmothers were clever enough to spot and point out to me. The number were correct, but the percentage was wrong; finders fee for intel resulting in an ultra-high-value gank stands at 10% of drop.

~ by Aiden Mourn on October 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “"Being Full of One’s Self Never Gets Boring Apparently"”

  1. Capt. here.
    I’ll throw my guess at the 15th, at 01:30 EVE Time. No bloody idea if you’re anywhere near home then. 😀
    I’m gonna guess Agrallarier just for the hell of it, and the victim will be a Domi, hopefully failfit.

  2. My guess would be tonight, and it will be a Dominix. No idea what system.

  3. I guess that it will be October 15th at 18:32 eve time in Ummoka with a Maelstrom. Damn you Professor Plum.



  4. october 15 6:22 illinfrick and mael

  5. CN Raven
    00:01 Oct 15th

  6. Apocalypse
    Jita – okay it’s not going to happen but whatever
    October 17 12:00

    unless you already made it to 20b which is probably the case

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