20 Billion

I noticed last night while glancing at my killboard stats that I’d hit 19.99 billion isk in destroyed assets while in SN. Egged on by a hilarious and snarky comment from some anonymous poster here, and in the name of self-gratification and stroking my own epeen, I threw a little impromptu contest on my blog to see if people could guess the when, where, and what of the kill that would knock me over the 20 bil mark.

There’s bad news and good.

The bad is that the contest is over, and I’m not really sure I have a winner, seeing as Captain Charismatic, Bass Indy, and EpicZA were the only entrants, and none of them really hit the mark in any capacity. The upside, however, is that the reason there were only three entrants was because I crossed that line WAY sooner than expected thanks to the generous aggro and subsequent local tears of a certain Dark Kristen, who was after shooting at my Sneaky-Rupture, was soon parted from her Raven and Federation Navy XL shield booster.

After scanning down Dark Kristen’s Raven, I found lots of wrecks, but sadly no loot for aggro. None-the-less, anti-ninja tears in local were to follow:

Dark Kristen > yo i can i let them pound on me for fover
Dark Kristen > how about you?
Aiden Mourn > =( no
Dark Kristen > awe sorry wuss
Dark Kristen > maybe you should join a better corp
Aiden Mourn > maybe
Dark Kristen > maybe they would teach you better than that
Aiden Mourn > you guys hiring?
Dark Kristen > no not atm sorry
Dark Kristen > pluss you’ve been black marked for life
Dark Kristen > that toon will never get in our corp sorry, you’ve tarnished your good employment history
Aiden Mourn > inorite?
Dark Kristen > hey man talk english i don’t speak idiot
Aiden Mourn > mi enrish is bad
Dark Kristen > so is your game play
Aiden Mourn > mayebea if i get in ur awsum corp i learn
Dark Kristen > told ya dude, you’ve already tranished your employment history. roll another toon and try again
Aiden Mourn > because i really want to join you guys
Dark Kristen > awe so sad
Aiden Mourn > really
Dark Kristen > shut up

After playing lots of “warp out so the pleasure hub guards will kill the ninja” games, I finally managed to grab some aggro right in front of Kristen. DK decided to teach me a real lesson and opened up, and the Ruppy went to work doing what it does best: making Kristen a sad panda minus one Raven in about 35 seconds. \o/

There was much rejoicing here at casa de Aiden:

me: hey baby, just crossed 20 billion isk in destroyed assets in eve!
girlfriend: whats an isk?
me: its the made up money in eve
girlfriend: are you supposed to blow up money in the game?
me: I’m not sure you’re getting this
girlfriend: wait is eve that game where you travel and build a town?
me: you might be thinking of SimCity. Or possibly Oregon Trail.
girlfriend: …
me: eve is the spaceships one
girlfriend: oh….cool
me: yep
girlfriend: um…congrats? How about dinner and a movie on me if we avoid talking about spaceships
me: loooove yoooou

And that, is how I saw facebook movie.


~ by Aiden Mourn on October 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “20 Billion”

  1. Well sir, let me be the first to congratulate you on the blog. I’m surprised that they’d shoot at you while in a ship that has a shot at taking down their mission boat, but there you have it. I never seem to get lucky enough to have a combat ship get shot at. *sigh* Nice SB drop. =)

    How was FB Movie? =)

  2. Grats on teh kill mate, were there any after tears?

  3. Of course, us being the only 3 entrants means of course that only we 3 read your blog, and nobody else ever, ever does.

    I kid, I kid. I’m sure the hit counter is rolling nicely, as is your isk burned counter. I’m only sitting at 6.77 Bill. Boo.
    Fly unsafe. As usual.

    • To be fair, I’m pretty sure my mom reads this blog when she wants to commiserate over my choices in life. So that’s four. Definitely four people read this blog, which has got to be at least double what it was 6 months ago.

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