Ninja Blog Pack OPML

A little while ago, I started putting together a blog roll of all known Eve blogs pertaining to the fine art of Ninja Salvaging. I did this so that I could collect all the tear-stained, hilarious, and downright creative thoughts of this noble and highbrow-ed profession into one easy to enjoy list, much in the way that Crazy Kinux does the Eve Blog Pack (only with more criminal activity and shenanigans).

For those who have switched from the n0w-closed Capsuleer (*sniff*) to a different blog-reader, I’ve put together an OPML file of every ninja blog on the Ninja Blog Pack for easy adding to your mobile blog-reader of choice (and by “I’ve” I really mean fellow ninja Mireidor). To add the NBP to your reader, be signed into your google account, and click this link. Hit “subscribe” and bask in a wonder usually reserved for 8 yr olds on Christmas Day at the now fully armed and operational Ninja Blog Pack streamed directly into your smart-phone of choice.

Thanks again to Mireidor, who really made this possible since I’m technologically retarded. Again, if you’re the author of an Eve Ninja Salvaging blog, let me know, and we’ll see about adding you to the list.



~ by Aiden Mourn on October 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “Ninja Blog Pack OPML”

  1. […] thing. So I responded, with this: The Ninja Blog Pack. The boss has also made a post about it, here.A quick guide to use it:Open up the link to the Ninja Blog Pack bundleClick the Subscribe […]

  2. Nice. Now I can peruse all of your shenanigsns. Thanks. 🙂

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jemi Flipboard Feed, Eve Bloggers. Eve Bloggers said: Ninja Blog Pack OPML […]

  4. […] Recently, in the super secret Suddenly Ninjas forums, a question arose to create an OPML file of all ninja blogs in the great list kept by the Chief Ninja, Aiden Mourn, since he was not so adept at using this kind of new-fangled technology thing. So I responded, with this: The Ninja Blog Pack. The boss has also made a post about it, here. […]

  5. Cool!

  6. I’m a newer player, (But hopefully not too unwise in the ways of Eve) and I’ve recently started a new blog. I’ll admit I pretty much stalk at least half of the ninja blogs out there, and this blog pack helps hugely in keeping track of them now that Capsuleer is down.

    If anyone fancies a read, my blog is here.

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