Save the Whales

One of the biggest reasons I love this game is that its probably one of the truest examples of a sandbox game out there. The possibilities and capability to do just about anything you want is there and better still, supported by the developers. Want to build a sand castle fort or stockpile pebbles? Go ahead! Consequently, if you feel like being the guy who knocks over those castles and steals all the pebbles for yourself, you’re perfectly entitled to do so!

So, suffice it to say, when I feel as though people are trying to corner off, segregate, encroach upon, or put rules on my sandbox, I get a little testy.

Recently, a proposal that was put forward to CCP by the CSM was brought to my attention: Using orcas and highsec wars, brought to you in huge part by Zeriel Meholick’s Assembly Hall forum post.

For those too lazy to click on the link, here’s the nitty gritty:

One of the pilots in one of our war target corporations has a neutral alt with an Orca. Now, appropriately, neutrals who remote-repair a legitimate target become legitimate targets themselves. However, that does NOT hold true if a war target utilizes the ship maintenance facility on an Orca to switch ships with no docking lag mid-fight.

I propose that if you have kill rights on a target, and that target uses the ship maintenance facilities of an Orca (or carrier, I suppose, but it’s more moot in lowsec/null), kill rights should be given on the Orca pilot in the same way they are currently given to neutral repairers.

-Zeriel Meholick

CSM delegate Trebor Daehdoow followed up with a somewhat gloating response:

I love it when I find out about sleazy loopholes like this.

Naturally, I felt a need to respond. Unfortunately, the thread had been locked, so I was forced to start my own: Using orcas and highsec wars, Part Deux.

Give a look and give it a read if you’d like. Granted, this is one proposal out of literally 200 that the CSM has put forward to CCP, so its a peripheral issue at best. Just the same, I think another perspective and another style of play needs to make its voice heard to the CSM and CCP on this one.



p.s. Jesus do I need a new forum sig…

~ by Aiden Mourn on October 30, 2010.

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