The Tearful Tale of Danzavair

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Danzavair: one exceptionally angry, confused, frustrated, and borderline psychotic carebear, as well as my personal commendation for Silliest Carebear of the Month.

The adventures with Danzavair are actually a two-part farce, spread out over about 2 hrs. My first run-in with him was actually fairly unremarkable. Finding him in Ruvas, I started yoinking his loot until predictably enough, he opened fire. I could take the faux moral high-ground here and claim killing him was an act of deserved retribution, but honestly, doing it with a Rupture just sort of felt like twisting the knife and kicking sand in his eye.

After that little run-in, Danz logged and I continued to poke around in Ruvas looking for trouble. Trouble, however, found me, in the form of a young, wannabe pirate named CaptainHellfire (you can tell from the name he means business…). Actually, to be fair, calling Hellfire a pirate would actually be a dig to pirates everywhere, and I certainly won’t call him a ninja since he was failing at that too.  For the purposes of this writing, lets call him a nuisance.

The Captain thought he was hot stuff since he’d managed to scan down my Orca sitting in a safe. How he managed to scan down a massive, stationary, shield boosting object, with one of the largest signature radius in the game is anyone’s guess, but he seemed quite pleased with himself at the feat.

I played along with the sarcasm when he tried to ransom me for 10mil to stop bumping, but after a while, it was just starting to get distracting. So, I encouraged him to get a bigger bump ship, and then switched safe spots on him. That’s when the real nuisance started. Captain decided to sit out in a probe and call me out in local every time I got to someones mission.

CaptainHellfire > what is your rupture now doing in the complex with the dominix? you try to get aggressed and kil them?
CaptainHellfire > RUN CAREBEARS OF RUVAS Aiden Mourn and his homies are planing something EVIL!
CaptainHellfire > hey just told me hes about to gank a faction ship in a mission RUN

Aiden Mourn > its true, all of it
Aiden Mourn > we ARE planning stuff!

CaptainHellfire > the nightmare will be hit first he told me RUN NIGHTMARE

At first, I’d have to hand it to him for doing a pretty nice job being a royal pain in the ass; +1 for ingenuity. The problem was, the 6 month old Nightmare pilot who’d up to this point been yellow boxing me now seemed to have second thoughts and decided to warp out and dock instead of possibly shooting. NOW the fun and games had turned into Captain effectively cock-blocking me out of a possible Nightmare kill, and I was getting annoyed.

I’d like to think there’s a certain honor amongst thieves, and CH seemed oblivious to that. Also, he was just going about it all wrong. There’s actually an art and a grace to griefing well, and El Capitan was doing it with all the finesse of elephants mating. After he went off some more, the Nightmare pilot was now convinced he’d be shot on sight just for leaving station and decided to camp there indefinitely. Hellfire also convoed me and offered to shut up in local for 10mil. Someone was stepping just a little bit over their bounds. Thankfully, the Associated Collective of Ninja Manners and Etiquette was conveniently in session, and a plan of action was decided.

Boredom + alcohol tend to lead to innovation with groups of ninjas bantering on voice coms, and when Soul Decayed mentioned he had a suicide dessie and some sec status that needed losing, a plan was hatched.

I convoed our new friend and asked if he wanted to “be part of some hijinx”, and he of course agreed. To cut to the quick, when Captain warped to me at an undock 400km off station, he found Soul waiting for him in a suicide thrasher and was soon parted from his probe ship.

CaptainHellfire > so what do you need that fancy fleet for? you can do it on your own


Aiden Mourn > well, I suppose thats what we need a fancy fleet for
Aiden Mourn > try not to be such a pain in the ass in local next time, k? =D

What can I say, it was a slow day, and Captain was just such an easy mark. After giggling about it in mumble, we noticed Captain had taken his grievances to local.

CaptainHellfire > lol fail aiden
CaptainHellfire > got my probe and now?

Aiden Mourn > and now you have no probe
CaptainHellfire > what did you expect? some faction stuff
Aiden Mourn > no, i expected your probe
Soul Decayed > oh, and an explosion
Soul Decayed > those are priceless

Aiden Mourn > right, and that
CaptainHellfire > lol thats just what i expected when i warped to you
Soul Decayed > then you are really, really dumb?
Xiozor > Aiden fails… Because he destroyed your ship?
CaptainHellfire > well first i thought well you guys are in a toxic clowd for sure
Aiden Mourn > we were sitting off station, you could see us
CaptainHellfire > well my ship was a probe that had no value
Xiozor > So, he lost nothing blowing it up.
Danzavair > fuck [YOINK]

You didn’t forget about Danzavair did you? Get ready for part II kids!

Aiden Mourn > I dont know, comedy is something money cant always buy
Soul Decayed > i was bored, and had a suicide thrasher lying around
Soul Decayed > good times are had

Danzavair > thanks for ruining my day
Danzavair > i have like no money cost me 100mil to replace that ship you popped =/
Aiden Mourn > =D
Aiden Mourn > Another satisfied customer!

Xiozor > What are you guys doing?
CaptainHellfire > they are using an orca as shipbay and blowing up people for the lulz
Soul Decayed > putting on my robe and wizard hat
Soul Decayed > what about you, Xiozor?

Xiozor > lol
Xiozor > Grinding security status.

Soul Decayed > haha, same
Aiden Mourn > Danzavair I doubt you got set back THAT much from that raven
Aiden Mourn > Pretty terribly fit if I recall

Danzavair > no it def set me back 100mil
Xiozor > You ganked a Raven in Thrashers? How many of your guys are there?
Aiden Mourn > Captain is *slightly* misinformed Xi
Aiden Mourn > Hes also short one Probe if you see one lying around
Aiden Mourn > It might very well be with Danzavair’s Raven come to think of it 😉

Danzavair > nah
Danzavair > theres not a probe out here sorry
Danzavair > but you left a cargo container

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that meant Danz was back to finishing his mission, and with a sizable chip on his shoulder. I couldn’t resist, and warped back, in the same little Rupture that had removed his ship from his possession before. Sure enough, Danz was back, and with a brand new Raven! Just for the hell of it, I started looting again.

Quicker than you could possibly imagine, Danzavair turned red to me. Again. Yes, really.

I pushed wondering how someone falls for the same trap twice to the back of my head along with “reason” and “common sense” as I turned on the disruptor and started in on relieving Danz of his second Raven of the evening, as he proceeded to have an aneurysm and spew verbal diarrhea all over local.

Danzavair > ah come on man
Danzavair > aiden wtf

Dork Fader > lol
Danzavair > leave me the fuck alone
Danzavair > you already popped me

Aiden Mourn > why on earth did you shoot me again?
Danzavair > because you fuckin webbed me
Aiden Mourn > are you high?
Danzavair > no…
CaptainHellfire > omg lol
Danzavair > im a fuckin noob to this game
Danzavair > jesus fuck

Dork Fader > this is painfull
Danzavair > aiden
Aiden Mourn > danz
Dork Fader > i like to be in first rows in the teathre
Dork Fader > 😀

Danzavair > stop this shit
Aiden Mourn > you started it
Aiden Mourn > again!

Danzavair > I DID NOT

Aiden Mourn > lol, HOW could i have webbbed you?
Aiden Mourn > i dont even have a web fitted

Danzavair > dude im trying to finish my damn mission
Danzavair > if you pop me i’ll have nothing so thanks

Aiden Mourn > and im trying to finish your second raven of the evening
Dork Fader > that’s second one? 🙂
Danzavair > he wotn let me warp out
Danzavair > your a fuckin jerk
Danzavair > want to get into contact me
Danzavair > so i can drive over there
Danzavair > and murder your family

Danzavair > aiden ur a stupid fucking cunt

Dork Fader > bang
Danzavair > fuck you

Danz learns a second lesson in loss and grieving of the night as Raven #2 assplodes.

Aiden Mourn > that was….amazing
Danzavair > what the hell am i to do

Aiden Mourn > spiritual even
Aiden Mourn > dude
Aiden Mourn > you SHOT ME

CaptainHellfire > some thousand years ago people like you got naturally selected out

…And when even Captain Hellfire is taking digs on you, you should know you’ve done something seriously stupid.

Aiden Mourn > AGAIN
Danzavair > man its gonna be spiritual when i fuckin murder youy
Aiden Mourn > lol
Aiden Mourn > how in the hell did you not learn the first time?

Danzavair > dude fuck you
Danzavair > im sorry im not a mega nerd
Danzavair > who knows everything about this game
Danzavair > like you
Danzavair > jesus christ

Aiden Mourn > no but you’re a mega idiot for managing to do that twice in one night
Dork Fader > lol, with a rupture 😀
Dork Fader > danz, how long it will take for you to take new raven? i wanna try my chance as well

Aiden Mourn > you know, that raven really tied the room together

My cup, it overfloweth. I honestly haven’t seen tears like that in some time, and stupidity like the above is typically reserved for very, very special (read: shortbus) individuals. Congratulations Danz, don’t forget to thank all the little people who helped you get to where you are.



~ by Aiden Mourn on November 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “The Tearful Tale of Danzavair”

  1. Win.

    Though I quite enjoyed the pirate tears too. They were delicious.

  2. Aiden Mourn > you know, that raven really tied the room together

    Amazing work, Aiden.

    “My cup, it overfloweth.”

    Makes me wonder if you’d read my blog post from earlier today…

  3. Yer right, AM, this one was much better. I smiled and was not sad at all at all


  4. Ahuehuehuehuehuehue
    nice kills ^^

  5. Could you refrain from using TEH SUPA BRITE COLORS?
    they are impossible to read in RSS readers.

  6. Playstyles… This is definitely just a game, but like anything, the value of your character is made explicitly clear. Shit.

    It is strange, though, that Danzavair did it again. He can certainly be faulted for that.

  7. Personally, I don’t really get the whole griefer thing. Seems terribly full of hurf durf from all parties, you included.

  8. Did he say he’d like to come murdering your family IN REAL LIFE?


  9. HAHAHA, I like Captain Hellfire’s final addendum the most:
    CaptainHellfire > some thousand years ago people like you got naturally selected out

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