Suddenly Ninjas Present: Suddenly Giveaway

I know, its been a while. A combination of the usual suspects (RL work, holiday planing, more RL work) have been conspiring against me and my endeavors to actually update this blog. Fear not though, I’m back….and I have a surprise 😉 .

Over here at our secret HQ, we elves ninjas, have been pretty busy: hanging little black stockings on the mantle, hoarding stolen loots around the tree, smearing our faces with coal (don’t ask) and maybe even hoping to get lucky under the mistletoe with Mynxee. There’s been some new directions, new fun, and new friends; in the immortal (and somewhat altered) words of Lt. Aldo Raine “we in the business of killin nazis carebears, and brother, business is a boomin!”.

In celebration of our success, the holidays, and all the mad little bears out there that might be short a mission ship or two this Christmas, I proudly present to you: Suddenly Giveaway.

Let’s cut right to the tl;dr: we’re giving away free ships.

Wait, what?

Yessir, you heard correctly! We here at Suddenly Ninjas are giving away FREE SHIPS.

No seriously, what?

Over the years, we’ve sure done a lot to you poor, beaten, downtrodden, abused, and downright mistreated carebears. We’ve yoinked your loot, salvage, and mission items (897 damsels and counting; it’s becoming a regular harem over here), we’ve ganked your shiny mission boats repeatedly, stolen a few orcas, suicided your haulers, hulks, pods, and even a marauder or two, and we’ve bottled up all those hot salty tears of yours into jars and bottles to savor and enjoy at our leisure (they make for excellent eggnog toppers we’ve come to find).

Suffice it to say, we’ve really done a lot to you, and the fact that you’re even still playing this game is just downright inspiring.

In light of this new-found and puzzling inspiration, we’ve decided to give a little back to the fuzzy, furry, honey-cobbling carebear population of New Eden that we’ve so enjoyed mistreating these past few years.

I came looking for free ships, what gives?

Easy tiger. Think of this as our little thank you; our giveback to the community at large for the truly fun times you’ve given us in this game. You’re really the whole reason we even log in sometimes, so we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

So, in honor of YOU, the furry and beaten carebear, we here at SN will spend the next few weeks giving away *free ships* in random high-sec mission and trade hubs throughout the universe. Think of these as “Suddenly Ninjas live events”.

Haha, right. Obvious trap is obvious.

Nope, no tricks. No schemes, shenanigans, gimmicks, hijinx, backstabs, scams, or even tom-foolery involved either; what you see is what you get.

So whats our angle then if there’s no hidden ulterior motive? Well, deep down and not so secretly, we ninjas are all really just a bunch of limelight-craving, daddy-never-hugged-me, attention seeking whores. So to be blunt, this whole thing is really just one big “look at me! look at me!” to kickstart and showcase to our soon-to-come new webpage, new forums, and new in-game alliance logo. But what do you care about all that? Free ships!

How it works:

Over the next few weeks, you can keep an eye on the public section of our forums as well as this blog for tips on where to find these little giveaways. You can also monitor the “suddenlygiveaway” channel in-game for a heads-up on ship type and location an hour before each event.

In keeping in theme, ships given away will mostly be battleship-class mission ships, with occasional battlecruiser tossed in. Ships may or may not be fitted, and who knows, there might even be a little shiny tucked away on there for certain extra-lucky little bears.The first giveaway event will be sometime in the next week.

So keep an eye out and listen up kids. And from all of us, to all of you; Happy Holidays Eve.

…and thanks for being so damn fun.


P.S. A very special thank you goes out to Rixx Javix from Evoganda for the awesome artwork featured above. A full-scale 1900 x 1200 wallpaper of the sig can be found here. Thanks Rixx!

~ by Aiden Mourn on December 16, 2010.

7 Responses to “Suddenly Ninjas Present: Suddenly Giveaway”

  1. Awesome! Who knows maybe I’ll luck up on one of those freebies… although I doubt it, don’t often find myself in the places you guys haunt. Best of luck on the giveaway though.

  2. Every time I think I’ve come to grips with disliking you Ninjas on principle, you suddenly prove that for the most part, you’re all hilarious, awesome people.

    I also don’t run missions though, so that helps.

  3. I shall be there to claim my freebie for putting up with you lot and occasionally doing some ninja’ing 🙂 Its a great idea and I shall be advertising this everywhere I go! Hope you have enough ships lol

  4. Can you bring one out to Syndicate for me?

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