Suddenly Giveaway: The First Noel

I wanted to thank everyone who’s helped out so far in support and press of this idea, especially Rixx over at EVOGANDA, and the guys over at Eve Commune for giving us a shout-out in their most recent podcast.

Just a heads up: the first Suddenly Giveaway event will be held tomorrow (Dec. 21st), at 17:30 Eve time (that’d be 12:30 pm EST here in the U.S.) in (wait for it) Jita! So come out and brave the lag, and as an added hint, it might be helpful to be able to fly Caldari Battleships…

Remember to join the “suddenlygiveaway” channel in-game an hour before the giveaway to find out what you have to do. See you tomorrow kids.




P.S. Off topic a bit, but I also wanted to thank everyone who’s contributed so far with our request for ultra-bling targets. We’ve had a tremendous amount of backstabbing deceitful intel on people with super shiny ships from people they call friends, and there are many targets actively being clocked and hunted now. Keep it up though! We’re still looking for opportunities, so if you know of a guy who flies an insanely expensive ship that one person just shouldn’t be flying, let us know, and you might get rich. See The Bling Squad post on this blog for more detail. Also, extra points for the mark being in a player corp. Keep em coming!

~ by Aiden Mourn on December 20, 2010.

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