Christmas Loots and More Free Stuff

Christmas, being the one real holiday of the year where you are actually given shiny loot, is actually a pretty ninja-savvy holiday. What can I say, we love shiny. So, while there was hopefully no theft, violence, or podding involved in your actual RL Christmas, I hope you got some seriously ninja-worthy loot. Myself? I got a new toy, and by “new toy” I of course mean a 46″ HD LCD which I will be attempting to play Eve on as soon as humanly possible.

Things over here at the Suddenly Giveaway HQ got a little hectic what with the holidays and all. The way we figured, it was in our (and our eve-habits) best interest to get presents for our own families and loved ones before handing out free crap to you mugs. Besides, who was even going to be around Eve for Christmas? Who plays internet spaceships over freaking Christmas? 😛

You nerds.

So, after 5 solid Eve-less (yet incredible) days, I’ll be logging back in tonight for some seriously overdue shenanigans.

And as for Suddenly Giveaway? Well hell, its sort of an arbitrary date anyways, and who doesn’t want to continue getting presents after Xmas? We thought so too. So, we’ve decided to keep this ball rolling all the way through the new year! And to get things moving again, were having one tomorrow! So, want to get your greedy mitts on an amarr battleship (there I go ruining the surprise!)? Your chance lies somewhere in New Eden at 18:30 Eve-time tomorrow, as I’ll be giving one away. For free. Seriously.

Now you’re looking for a “where”. Tune in to the “suddenlygiveaway” channel in-game at least one hour before the giveaway tomorrow for a location, and maybe a small task involved for you to fly away with a free BS.

A special congratulations is in order to ZENO116 for being the winner of the first Giveaway event. Scopique has a writeup of the first event on his blog. Zeno, enjoy the Scorpion.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. Internet spaceships…you and I have some catching up to do.



~ by Aiden Mourn on December 28, 2010.

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