Handsome Devil

Changing your avatar is like saying goodbye to an old friend in a weird sort of way. This is a face that’s stared back at you over countless (upon countless) hours spent dicking around in Eve, and even though I don’t get into any real RP in this game, there’s a history with that character. You’ve projected a bit of yourself, as well as any “self” you choose to be in-game onto that face, so changing it is sort of changing yourself in a roundabout way.

Is the charming and criminally good-looking face of Aiden Mourn exactly how I envisioned him with the old character generator? Admittedly, he’s got his (*ahem* minute, almost invisible) flaws:

High forehead, oddly simian chin, and plastic-y lips that would make Dolly Parton shudder.

So, when CCP revealed those sexy new character creator vids a few months ago, I started feeling out how I’d improve on the old me. Back from vacation just in time for the new patch, I slogged through the download (thrice), and finally went to work. I experimented on a few other characters first before tackling Aiden (you’ve gotta do some doodles before you start throwing paint on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel), but I thought I’d walk you through the process I took with him. Buckle up kids.

Well damn, lets take a look at that fine new hunk of beefcake. No, its not exactly “me” (although the prospect of going through Eve pants-less for the rest of time does sort of get the wheels turning). Not to mention, holy fuck it is way too bright in here for a guy that’s used to wearing sunglasses 24 hrs a day.

Much better with my Ray-Bans (“Hi! I’m Aiden Mourn, CEO of Suddenly Ninjas, and when the going gets tough with a long day of reaping tears and filching salvage, I’m proud to wear Ray-Ban brand sunglasses!” /paid endorsement).

Next…lets work on that skin-head soccer hooligan look I’ve got going here:

Yikes. Aiden has officially left the building, as well as any shred of personal dignity. Lets try that again:

Theeeerrre we go. This is pretty much the look I was going for back with the old Aiden, only that guy pulled it back (I sympathize, with near shoulder-length hair in RL). The new Aiden however calls bullshit on hair-ties and girly elastics.

Just for kicks, this is something I’ve been dying to try out:

Hmm. Some free candy and a conversion van would round this little playground nightmare out pretty nicely, but quite frankly, this even skeeved ME out. Next.

Decent-ish. Some cut-off jean shorts and a vintage Def Leppard shirt would really tie the whole thing together, but alas, back to the drawing board.

Next up, it was time for some new threads. As of the time of writing this post, I was still pretty up in the air about the whole Easy Rider, “I’m-too-sexy-for-my-shirt” look. But, you throw in some space-cowboy boots, bulk up a little, and viola:

I’ve gotta say, I’m digging it. Again, I don’t really put much into the whole RP scene, but this guy has scrappy, charismatic leader of a rag-tag bunch of scheming and salvaging thieves written all over him.

Final portrait:

Some thoughts:

I’m a little disappointed with CCP’s decision somewhere along the line to ax tattoos and facial scars. My assumption is that this has something to do with the hinted-at “pay-to-upgrade” type micro-transactions in Eve’s possible future. On this and its repercussions on the game I’ve got mixed opinions of, but there’s a fair chance I’d spend a few bucks in real cash to put some custom ink on those arms.

Another thing is, my orca alt suddenly found himself sans evil hood and had to clean himself up into some sort of respectable appearance. No mean feat I might add; scary stuff under that hood…



~ by Aiden Mourn on January 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Handsome Devil”

  1. Nice look and very fitting for the role you play in the universe!
    And I, sadly, have to admit I’d shell out a few bucks for some tattoos and a few scars here and there…

  2. If the character in question is Amarrian, using the robe style outer clothing should give you a couple of choices for the hood, in the shape of two small, easily missed arrows at the bottom of the “Outer” window.

  3. I heard a rumor that the tattoo and scars are still on their way. I guess they weren’t ready?

    Also, good news, there is an option to put up your hood (and tuck in your shirt, untuck your boots, etc), I found it after goofing around with a few different characters. It’s a little arrow with a tiny number over it on the bottom left corner of each box.

    Anyway, lookin’ good. Let’s have e-babies and stuff.

  4. Tats and scars will be released when CCP are happy with them (or so they’ve said). For now, I’m in love XD http://www.evefaces.com/?kalaratiri

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