Suddenly Violence

…I know, its the meme that just keeps on (suddenly!) giving


Baiting, tricking, and duping people into crossing that line and shooting at you is the fulcrum point of ganking mission runners. It’s the do or do-not moment, as without that sweet sweet aggro, you go home empty handed.

Now the other way to yoink that bear’s ship out from under him is much more direct; that is to say, you say to hell with wheedling the aggro and go for some good old fashioned suicide ganking. Of course, there’s a couple inherent problems with this one too. The big one is numbers, by which I mean finding enough people with enough DPS to alpha a tank. It’s tough, but not impossible, as proven by the odd Orca, Kronos, and the now-infamous 30 billion isk Paladin gank.

Suicide ganking afk haulers and miners is honestly some of the most fun you can have in high-sec, as itt can either extremely profitable, and if not, then just completely senseless to the victim, which can be hilarious. But the biggest problem with suicide ganking is security status: hunting mission runners means playing in high-sec, which means there’s only so much ganking you can theoretically do before you’re out of the playground.


What if sec status WASN’T an issue? What if you could blissfully and wantonly suicide gank at will in high-sec to your hearts content, reaping tears and loot by the truckload, without even a flash of care about sec status or consequences?

Sound impossible?

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to proudly introduce the newest, and quite possibly coolest addition to TEARS: meet Suddenly Violence.

Suddenly Violence [UPOP] is an offshoot of SN with one goal: cause as much chaos, rampant destruction, and hilarious anarchy in high security space as possible, without a second thought to the consequences. As much as I wish I could claim credit, Suddenly Violence is the brainchild of ninja luminaries Tuomas Arturi (scourge of the belts and real life flame juggler), Danjor2 (5 time winner of the Golden Gun award for ganking MRs in a 6bil isk Fleet Phoon), and Waagstrom (who’s parents were quite literally a douchebag and an asshole).

Lets look at some figures:

* Since going live about 3 months ago, SV’s 23 members have inflicted (conservatively) over 40 BILLION isk in damages on the carebear population of Eve.

* Courtesy of SV, Sivala (part of the highsec pipe from Jita to Dodixie) is now more dangerous than Rancer and Amamake, combined. Based off of Dotlan stats over a 48 hr window, you are statistically more likely to lose your ship in the Concord-protected Sivala than you are in the low-sec thunderdome cage-matches that are Rancer and Ama.

(…That sound you’re hearing is the pitter-patter of wet bear tears hitting the decks of soon-to-be-vaporized haulers. )

* And on a hilarious note, we’re blowing through about 300 thrashers and 50 disco-geddons a week.

Basically, I’ve been using SV for those times when either mission runners aren’t biting or I’m just not willing to be bothered to seek them out. It also has the upside of being absurdly profitable at times. As an example, I made a pretty tasty 1 bil last night popping an afk Condor carrying a Pith X-Type Photon Scattering Field, and fitted for some hard-to-imagine-reason with 2 Caldari Navy Invulns, as well as helping with an Itty V carrying an Onyx, 2 Crows, 2 Manticores, and a Cane, AND a cargo-expanded mammoth with two Vagabonds stuffed in the hold. It was a good night ;).

So to recap: awesome, more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and profitable too? Yes please.

Now the curious among you may at this point ask “how?”. How, with a flashing -10 status is one able to continue to terrorize, maim, and kill in high-sec, right under the nose of Concord? The answers, I’m afraid to say, are closely guarded ninja secrets. But if you’re really curious, fill your hold with shinys and set an autopilot to Jita, and you just may get to say hello.


~ by Aiden Mourn on January 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “Suddenly Violence”

  1. Orca alt parked in system filled with suicide ganking ships? Chill in your pod until a target is sighted, grab thrasher and pop the target before NPC navy police and CONCORD arrive?

  2. Ok, I’m on my way to Jita in a Primae full of BPOs and plexes. See you in a bit.

  3. I assume the trick here is to take your flashy red -10 pod into highsec followed by an orca flying alt carrying your ganking ships??

  4. Yep, probably the old Orca trick.

  5. Your ISKies…. I needs it…

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