Love Letters

In 269 AD, Valentine, a priest in Rome, was martyred (supposedly) for illegally marrying couples, as well as (allegedly) ferrying notes and well wishes between them while they were apart (alternately, and depending on who you talk to, Valentine was a Saint martyred in Africa with all his companions, also on February 14th but for widely varied reasons).

Its actually pretty hard to know much about who the “real” St. Valentine was, and most of the original meaning and traditions of the date have been (much like Easter), totally obscured by Hallmark marketing campaigns. The Catholic Church actually thought the same thing, and removed St. Valentines Day from the Roman Catholic Calender of Saints in 1969, since apart from the date and some rumors of miracles (word is Valentine healed his jailer’s blind daughter before he was killed), no one really knew anything about this guy.

However, the date is still celebrated today by millions who send love and well-wishes to each other in the form of hand-written letters, expensive roses, and overly-pink cards with nude babies on the front (somehow I think Valentine would’ve thought we’ve missed the mark on that one…).

We here at Suddenly Ninjas ALSO got some love letters though! And, as a little love back to you, I’d like to share. The following extremely NSFW tokens of love and affection were received by SN members over the course of the last few weeks. Time to get your love on.

what you are
From: Kyle Hodgsonn

your a dirty nigger and i fucked your mom in the ass then a raped you

From: BaroteToo

When you were in Kindergarten, was it you’re goal in life to become a theif? If it WAS, then you are a self-realized man, and an enemy of mine. Way back then, I tended towards “Fireman.” Now, they’re called “Fire-fighters,” because women must be a part of the equation. But theif/robber never entered my mind. So, if you are now self-realized, as a theif and robber, I congratulate you on that. And I pity you, tremendously. Oh, and shove those militants where the sun don’t shine.

From: blue1976

Greeting Ass hole. Thanks for putting the damsel on contracts for me… That was very sweet.
I think its sad that you and your sorry ass piece of shit hoe ass bitch corp have to gank people to make money.
So fuck you and your corp.
Have a great day.

you will feel sorry about it
From: Astarte Molesto

you dead pig,,,,, fuck this game and you beach ….. im kill you and fuck you dead ass,,,,your mother of bough knows that you are a freak

And, the pièce de résistance:

From: Silvia Kron

___█__ S░█
___█__ U░█
__ █__ X░█
__ █__ I ░█
__.█.___T ░█.__██
█_.░░░░ █.___.░░░█
█_.░░░░ █.___░░░█

Ahhh… l’amour. ❤

Happy Valentines Day kids from all of us here at Suddenly Ninjas. Now go strap a salvager on, get out there, and get some love.



P.S. I have no idea who this guy is, but he knows whats up.

~ by Aiden Mourn on February 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Love Letters”

  1. yawn – yeah we ninjas are so cool look at us in our ninja ships tears bears etc etc

  2. haha, rofl.

    I am a bit of a care bear (an angry one though) But those mails were hilarious. I might have actually rolled on the floor a bit 😀

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