All Your Mission Ships Are Belong to Me

I realized a few days ago that with the absolute fun-splosion of hilarious new Ninja shenanigans in Sivala and Jita recently, compounded with some RL work and hunkering down for some intensely boring corp/alliance paperwork, it had somehow become a solid month since I’d done any real mission runner hunting.

Corrective measures where necessary.

I dusted off my favorite salvage Rupture (lol), turned up the Otis Redding (seriously, Eve-fans, turn off that shitty metal and terribad Euro-trance and go with a little Motown or Stax), and went to find some playmates.

The first guy I go to check out is Black Incubus. As I begin to salvage and loot a frigate wreck, Black decides to teach me a lesson and takes a pot shot at me. His mistake is soon realized as he is immediately scrammed and discovering holes in his ship where there weren’t any before.

As I take him into mid-armor, and start giggling like a schoolgirl as I begin to remember exactly how much fun this gig is, I open a convo for the purposes of a ransom.

Aiden Mourn > 70mil
Aiden Mourn > and you live
Black Incubus > didnt got 70mil 😀
Aiden Mourn > thats a shame
Aiden Mourn > what do you have
Aiden Mourn > cause youre about to lose a raven here
Black Incubus > stop shooting a sec
Black Incubus > i can giva ya 2 caldari navy cruise missile launchers
Black Incubus > full fitted drake
Black Incubus > 100mio
Black Incubus > worth
Aiden Mourn > set up the contract
Aiden Mourn > from here
Aiden Mourn > you have 4 minutes
Aiden Mourn > also, turn off any repair or recharge mods you have
Black Incubus > done

I check my contracts, and sure enough, 1 jump over is a brand new (storyline fitted?) mission Drake waiting for me in my hanger.

Aiden Mourn > thank you kindely
Aiden Mourn > now, one more task
Aiden Mourn > I want you to eject from your ship
Aiden Mourn > and fly away in your pod
Black Incubus > xD fuck you

See, the way I figure, I’ve already got his Drake, and seeing as I can fly a Raven, why not go for two! Sadly, with his scathing retort, Black leaves convo and I’m made to forcefully remove his ship from under him. The 320mil in faction loot (and his Militants!) that drops is a pretty nice consolation prize however 😉 .

And here is me sitting in, ironically, the first Drake I’ve ever sat in:

And so Black Incubus, 2 mission ships and 800mil less than he was before, logs for the day. Me? I move on to go kill this shiny guy, and then close to billion richer than I was when I woke up, I log off to go get some drinks.

Being back in the saddle is good.



~ by Aiden Mourn on April 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “All Your Mission Ships Are Belong to Me”

  1. I’d feel bad for these people if IT WASN’T ENTIRELY THEIR FAULT FOR SHOOTING AT YOU.

    EVE is an amazing place.

  2. yeah he was right , fook ya

  3. Otis Redding? Al Green? Stax? Motown? Are you my brothr from another mother?

  4. That was an awesome haul Aiden. But seriously can’t get in to Mo Town at all. Listening to that makes me want to just kill mission runners left and ri……. Oh I see what you did there.

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