How To: Make 4bil Isk The Easy Way

Step 1:  Get alt to join industrial-minded carebear corp with aims of moving to null-sec.

Step 2: Over the next two weeks, let it drop that you own and fly your own Jump Freighter (even though you don’t).

Step 3: When corp has made the commitment to join null-sec alliance and take the plunge, volunteer your “services”.

Step 4: Watch in grinning amazement as corp contracts more than 4 billion isk in POS modules, PI materials, ships, and mods to you with zero collateral.

Step 5: Profit. Appreciate the irony that now you actually need a freighter of some kind to bring all this crap to Jita.

4 bil is in no way record-breaking in the infiltration and theft game, but I’ll sure take it 😉 . Cheers to piles of isk, and the bears that make it for us. I love this game.

(somewhat related blog-banter to follow)



~ by Aiden Mourn on April 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “How To: Make 4bil Isk The Easy Way”

  1. Wonderful haul! Name and shame!

    Amusingly, the anti-spam word that I was required to input in order to post this comment was “geddon”.

  2. Sir, I despise you and your line of work, but my hat is off to you.

  3. […] our enjoyments, usually well documented on this blog. Though I’ve written about betrayal and theft before, I wanted to try a different approach to […]

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