AT9: Glorious Face-Punching Pew-Pew

So, internet spaceships are awesome; this I think we can all agree on. And what better way to celebrate gratuitous internet spaceships and the glorious face-punching pew-pew that typically accompanies them, than the Alliance Tournament.

Being a huge fan of theory-crafting and outsmarting the system (raise your hand if you’ve read Ender’s Game more than 4 times too….anyone?), I turn into a giant Pandemic Legion/Wildly Inappropriate fanboi during the tournament. WI decimating their opposition down to 1 pilot and then purposefully self-destructing their whole team in order to secure a spot against a lesser-seeded team in the next round? Brilliant; that right there gets a ninja seal of approval. And besides the fact that they have an uncanny knack for actually winning tournaments, PL does it with such flawless understandings of the mechanics and parameters of the game that it just fits together like clockwork. In their match against Unaffiliated this weekend, their team fielded a combined 1 billion skillpoints; these guys play for keeps.

Because its AT time, and because I can’t stop watching this video, allow me to present my favorite tournament match-up in AT history (although as Danjor2 pointed out, the Bhaalgorn one-shotting that Tengu in the first 2 seconds of a match in AT8 is pretty bad ass). This is from way back in AT4, with the now defunct B.O.B. as well as equally defunct Star Fraction in probably one of the coolest tournament battles you’ll ever see (and is that Ewan McGregor commentating?):

I defy you to not watch that a second time.

Day 3 of group matches is this Saturday (including PL vs Hydra Reloaded, which is going to be like watching Han Solo bareknuckle-box Indiana Jones), with the finals on Sunday. Tune in to the AT website, get yourself an adult beverage, and grab the popcorn; this is going to fun.


~ by Aiden Mourn on June 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “AT9: Glorious Face-Punching Pew-Pew”

  1. “which is going to be like watching Han Solo bareknuckle-box Indiana Jones”. I wonder who is who in that anology? 🙂

  2. awesome video! I hadn’t seen it before.

  3. … where is this vid of a bhaalgorn OHKO’ing a tengu?

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