That New-Car Smell

If you’re reading this via RSS, I guess you won’t notice anything except the usual blisteringly intelligent and frighteningly witty writings of yours truly. However, if you’re not on an RSS and viewing this page in all its shiny new glory, you might notice some changes.

First off, for the first time since starting this blog, I’ve switched locations from to an actual page. I’ve been accustomed to using WP for a while now (longer than even Finders & Keepers), but I really liked the way Podlogs incorporated a WP interface into something uniquely “Eve”. This connection to the game I was writing about kept me on there for longer than I would’ve liked to stay. However, numerous problems with the hosting, interface, and even general security of the blog finally prompted me to make the switch.

I honestly mean no disrespect towards Eddie Gordo (and I know he’s got some RL stuff going on), because I think he started Podlogs with a really great idea to bring an easier way to blog to the Eve community, but time was time. In the past few months, I’d become more and more frustrated with the narrow scope of wordpress tools available for Podlogs users. Compounding that were what I thought were huge breeches of trust when I attempted to view a draft on the site and found that it was “currently being edited by an admin” (uh, what?). Then, two months ago, my entire account and blog at Podlogs just ceased to exist, mysteriously resurfacing again 2 days later with no word from an admin and with some suspicious tag and content editing.

So today, somewhat bored and becoming increasingly pissed off that I couldn’t add basic html to the side text-bar, I hit my point. Thanks to Kieth Nielson’s very concise and helpful guide, I exported the whole Finders & Keepers blog at Podlogs (including comments!) and got it imported over here on Tweaks to the design will probably be forthcoming, but for now I thought this worked a-ok. I also might add that this makes non-RSS browsing on a smartphone a cakewalk.

In other news, I’ve caved, and for the first time ever (both in Eve and RL), I’ve started a twitter account. I know…gross. I blame the lulzsec Eve-outage, and I still can’t tell how I feel about it. But, for now you can twit me, or tweeter me (Jesus, do these ALL have to sound so sexual?), or whatever over there @AidenMourn as part of the #tweetfleet. Expect narcissistic jabber to a level you’ve never dreamed possible. I’ve also got a super-secret new project in the works, to hopefully be revealed soon.

Now, to commence with our regularly-scheduled Eve-related posting…



~ by Aiden Mourn on June 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “That New-Car Smell”

  1. Awesome m8, welcome to your new home! It feels much much better already. Could use a sweet custom banner design though.

  2. I’ve updated my site with your link, too. Great job and I’m loving the theme/colors.

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