“Even Eve” – New Podcast from Some Old Friends

A few months ago over the summer, I attempted to start a podcast; it was a massive, stinking ball of fail. Inspired by Seismic Stan‘s call to creative arms, and a newly discovered taste for back episodes of the Planet Risk Show, I attempted to record and start up a ninja/greifer-themed “Yoink, the Podcast”. Yet, after one disgraceful unaired Hindenburg-esque episode, I pulled the plug.

So why the fail? I’m a smart guy, I have an odd yet affable sense of humor, and I’ve been told on at least 5 occasions that the deep and velvety sound of my masculine voice has turned corpmates away from the gentle touch of women forever (I didn’t ask for this, it just is).

The fail, I realized, came from a lack of a sidekick or wingman; I needed a Laurel to my Hardy, a Jay to my Silent Bob, a Frick to my Frack. A one-man podcast is just boring to listen to because its ONE GUY droning on about whatever he wants to with absolutely no counterpoint, banter, or hell, a break in tone. Unless you’re James Earl Jones or John Cleese, your one-man snooze-cast is going to put me into a coma.

Lo! The call, however, for a smart, witty, and griefer-themed podcast has been answered by the lovable BFFs Paul Clavet and Khalia Nestune (going by the somewhat less exotic-sounding “Josh” on air), with their new “Even Eve” podcast.

Really more of a recorded weekend Skype conversation than an actual podcast, the bro-mance and shenanigans is strong in this one, with hilarious anecdotes and bits of wit that only an off-the-cuff, script-less recorded moment could capture. Listen as they talk shop, ninja nostalgia, and “taking a shot in the eye from Vladimir Putin”, as they push the boundaries of heterosexuality to tenuous new levels.

Hats off to you both, and I have to say, there were some serious nostalgia moments where I felt like I was back in a salvage op with the two of you. Very, very well played.

Give a listen here



In related news, WTB: sidekick. Must be funny, available at odd hours, and possess an alcohol tolerance usually reserved for Irish dock workers. Apply within.


















~ by Aiden Mourn on October 6, 2011.

4 Responses to ““Even Eve” – New Podcast from Some Old Friends”

  1. Record mumble, let bladewise educate everyone. win win win

  2. Moar poasts (on this blog) … please.

  3. Somewhat late, just catching up on all my blog posts – thanks for the shoutout! We’re looking forward to doing another. =)

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