“It’s More Fun To Be A Pirate Than To Join The Navy”

Although I now use both my Mac desktop and my Asus windows laptop comfortably, I’ve been almost exclusively a Mac junkie for probably close to 15 years now. Professionaly and for fun, I’m a fan-boy in the truest sense; they put something new and shiny out with an Apple logo on it I’ve gotta have it.

My brother (my certifiable genius brother) was recruited out of his college design program to work for some time directly with Jonathan Ive at Apple and had a chance to meet Steve Jobs on a few occasions. His impression of Steve was “a gigantic, unapologetic asshole”, but one that was brilliant at doing what needed doing.

For example, he once witnessed him literally wipe a conference table clear of a project presentation that had taken the better part of 5 months for the presenting team to assemble with the words “stop wasting my time with bullshit”. Harsh, for sure, but ultimately the man knew when he was right. There’s a very fine line between confidence in your ability to always be correct and arrogance, and Steve treaded it like a master. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last night referred to Steve as “the Ben Franklin of our time” which I thought was perfect, and pretty damn cool.

So a toast to Steve Jobs; thanks for all the shinys, thanks for the innovation, and thanks for being the best asshole in the biz. You will be missed.



~ by Aiden Mourn on October 6, 2011.

One Response to ““It’s More Fun To Be A Pirate Than To Join The Navy””

  1. I don’t agree with many things you narrate on your blog, but I’m with you on this one: Godspeed to Steve Jobs – good or bad, he never stopped pursuing his visions.

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