Video: “I Accidentally the Whole Mining Op”

Idle hands, as they say, are the Devil’s work, and Sivala saw some seriously idle Ninjas the other night. Looking to embrace the season and everyone’s favorite candy-and-slutty-costume themed holiday, we set out trick-or-treating some local belts. Of course, there’s always that one house on the block thats got it porch light turned off, or is handing out total crap like raisins or toothbrushes, and they just ruin it for everyone.

Our new friends from the Danish corp Temp 1 weren’t feeling very giving in the treat department, trying to cut out the middleman of an ore can by mining directly into an Orca on their little Halloween mining op. Furthermore, there was not a single  skanky costume in sight. Being that our hand was forced, we had to remind the Danes of the first half of “Trick or treat”…




The FRAPS quality on my end was pretty bad, but I’m working on sucking less for next time. Nonetheless, get some candy and enjoy the fireworks. Happy Halloween kids.




~ by Aiden Mourn on October 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Video: “I Accidentally the Whole Mining Op””

  1. Awesome, you guys never fail to make me smile 🙂

  2. I tip my hat to you good sirs 🙂

    keep keeping eve as dangerous as possible

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