Video: “Project: Cruiser – Rupture vs CNR”

This post is about two things.

The first thing is about my total Eve-nerd obsession with Eve pvp vids on youtube. What first got me hooked was neurotically watching silentkillayou‘s mission runner gank vids. In them, our hero Silentkillayou has FRAPSed pretty much the entirety of what we old vet ninjas refer to as the “golden years”. Video after video has Silentkilla going after a whole different era of mission runners who all flew faction fit CNRs and always shot at blinky red SALVAGE SLEIPNIRS (are you fucking kidding me?) who thieved their mission loot. Although somewhat outdated in their remote feasibility with today’s slightly more savvy bears, they’re just beautiful to watch.

After those, I soon discovered the Garmonation series and got my mind blown. Who knew 6 bil officer/x-type fitted Vindicators could be so much fun?! Later on, my friend Paul Clavet put out some great gank vids that I could never get enough of, and more recently, Rote Kapelle put out the insanely cool Battle CovOps videos. Give them all a watch and be amazed.

Now for the second part of this post, which is about my total love affair with flying Cruisers. I’ve always felt unwieldy and bulky flying Battleships, and even though I pretty exclusively flew Rifters for a long time, frigates lack that punch factor. Battlecruisers are incredibly fun, but also large, and the armor-tanking types I prefer are a little cumbersome. Cruisers however, I have always felt totally and completely at home with flying.

I like them so much actually that about a year ago, I started pretty much exclusively using them to gank mission bears. Thats right, with the exception of a few god-tanked bears that required a Hurricane-sized hammering and the odd Hero-Jaguar kill, I’ve used a Cruiser (non-Strategic) in about every mission runner gank since.

Why? Well because I can and its hysterical, but also because of one, very big reason: utterly demolishing a bear in 30 seconds with a T3 or Command Ship is fun, but ganking someone’s shiny faction Battleship with a t1 Cruiser is better than Heather Graham on roller-skates.


So now to combine these two seemingly random blog bits. Remember that White Whale I mentioned a while back? Well, it turns out that the guy who NEVER gets shot at by CNRs finally had a second chance, and this time, I got it on tape. Allow me to present, part one of the “Project: Cruiser” series: Ruppy vs CNR.


With much technical help from Niboro and Kelairy, I’ve finally figured out how to start turning the mountain of Cruiser pew-pew FRAPS footage I’ve been sitting on into fun, HD vids for your viewing pleasure. I’m going to try and make these “Project: Cruiser” series of gank videos an ongoing thing here on Finders and Keepers, so let me know how I’m doing behind the camera.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the film, there’s more on the way.



~ by Aiden Mourn on November 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Video: “Project: Cruiser – Rupture vs CNR””

  1. Looks like you cracked it Aiden 🙂

    For the benefit of us youngins, perhaps you could throw together a little vid on how to fly the ruppy during combat? I’m about a day away from flying one myself. Seeing how many of these Leffy loses during the average week, I think I’d like to cut ahead on the learning curve a bit.

  2. Nice vid Aiden. I look forward to seeing more cruiser vids.

  3. this is great, but how viable is this as a new (2 month) character? I can fly a ruppy and I’ve got a bunch of the relevant gunnery skills at 3 or 4, is that enough?

    • Tough, but definitely viable. The important skills to get up here are going to be armor resists, armor repping, and Minnie cruiser for those sweet sweet damage bonuses the rupture gets. Other than that, it’s about knowing your enemy; knowing when to pull range and use barrage or when to get in close under the guns and pummel them, and other things that will come with time. Be prepared to lose some ships, and I promise you’ll have some fun.

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